City fair a wonderful exotic hit

In the new Silk Road, the new dream, new opportunities "as the theme of the Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development and investment fair, will be held on September 15th -18. In order to this city will contact the host into a public event in Xining, let more cultural Huimin activities into one, to build a bridge from a foreign art for the people of Xining, taste of cartoon culture magic arts, highlight the charm of Xining city and the new image. This exhibition, five international performances from abroad will enter the city fair on September 15th -20 day for the people of Xining offer a warm cultural feast.

must make fair city more Watchable

Guinea Aboriginal performances incorporating a lot of pure natural elements and folk elements. Very musical talent of the Guinea people, with every kind of tambourine becomes a piece of exciting. The brisk pace, a combination of speed, cross fusion, magnificent, authentic voice, pure natural africa. Ukraine Star Band in Europe since its inception, rapidly popular in Europe, their footprints all over the world, has become a main force of performance frontier, singing form full of passion, the appeal is very strong, popular with a wide audience.

the city for the first time invited the well-known animation COSPLAY reality show team performance. From the "black visual studio Coser wind crazy" hand in hand "radium visual effects studio" passion "to help fair city, there will be a well-known Coser crazy portrait in the wind. According to the City Cultural Department of the relevant personnel, as a new industry of animation show, in recent years the city has also been considerable development, through the city of fair exchange, will better promote the rapid development of animation industry in our city. In addition, the city will meet at the scene, the public will experience the most;

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