Celebrity effect can enhance the turnover rate

a shop wants to improve the turnover rate, the method can be very rich. As long as the proper operation, the shop business is not a natural hot issue. In this article, the small series will introduce the celebrity effect in enhancing the turnover rate in the shop.

"celebrity effect" is a common and effective method of marketing, because the customer to recommend or use of goods for celebrities, on the one hand there is a sense of freshness, on the other hand, a sense of trust. Many businesses in order to be able to better win the favor of the majority of consumers, will be used as a celebrity appeal to sell their own shop means.

There is a Chinese shop in

. Once a couple came to China tourism foreign friends in the store at a price of 20 thousand yuan for the jade ring, want to buy, but because just to China for China, the price is not very understanding, lest he cheated more money, so the two of them to the ring for a long time shilly-shally.

in the next sales Miss suddenly see their thoughts. So politely walked over to them and said: "the president of a country’s wife has visited our store, she is also the same value of the ring, but because the price is too expensive to buy or not. In fact, we also want to sell it to her, but because the jade ring fine workmanship, and this kind of jade texture is difficult to find in China, so there is no way to lower prices."

It is said that even

implication the president’s wife was spotted this ring, you have good taste. The president’s wife was not willing to buy, if you buy them this time, it seems you than the higher part of the president’s wife. This is a good way to meet the customer’s vanity.

the couple listened to really exciting, immediately put this ring bought. With this even the president’s wife can not afford to buy the ring the couple proudly left. Originally due to the couple’s hesitation this transaction may not be able to clinch a deal. However, due to the sales staff with the help of the president’s wife let them firmly determined to buy the ring determination, so that the transaction completed successfully.

with celebrity influence to do

1. "clever pull customers always borrowing power to do evil" celebrities are the focus of public opinion. In the fierce competitive market, celebrities used goods, not only can gain the trust of consumers to a great extent, but also can enhance the reputation of their shops, with the society for the star sought after, shrewd businessmen can use for their campaign, to stimulate the customers desire to buy. Compared with other marketing tools, the famous celebrity influence way is more convenient and rapid.

2. "to" seize the consumer psychology. For most consumers

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