nspirational article Disabled entrepreneurs can be successful case analysis

there are a lot of people have seen the entrepreneurial success is sweet, but not know that entrepreneurship is a very hard thing, people always see what others are, actually others are also paid a lot. The following is the growth process of a successful disabled entrepreneur.

The development of

dream nursery more than and 10 acres

A, Xu Zhenhuo in town set up meat stalls. Later, Xu Zhenhuo and help others to see the ducks, in the grasp of some common sense, he decided to do from hatching yamiao. Hard work pays off, his very successful hatching Yamiao, many duck farmers directly to his home in yamiao.

Although the

to planting seedlings, he put his more than and 10 years to earn all the money invested as start-up capital, but also a lot of difference.

recruiting Create Company

the beginning, his nursery field only nanmu, red maple, crape myrtle, Wuhan powder several seedlings, as the business is more and more big, sweet scented osmanthus, Magnolia, Michelia maudiae and a number.

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