People applauded the air pollution control work

10 serious pollution of the atmosphere of the enterprise was stopped, dust control measures are not in place for the construction unit rectification…… With the continuous improvement of the comprehensive rectification of air pollution in the city, some of the areas have been polluted dust has improved, so that people around the thumbs up.

Two concrete

is located in the East Nanchuan mill village mixing station, due to dust, noise pollution is serious, let the surrounding residents miserable, and Xining Xing light commercial concrete and Xining commercial concrete mixing station has two dragons refused to accept the rectification, by the government in September 26th forced to shut down. 27, the reporters came to the mill village again, see with reducing import and concrete mixing vehicles, there has been no longer again like the yellow dust and sun. Several residents of the Institute of mechanical home residents filed two concrete mixing station was shut down, have thumbs up. A sister Lu said: "in the past, go on the road to earth even people are not clear, my colleagues say that I have smelled of earth body, now the mixing station was stopped, we thank the government, do a real good for our people." An aunt said: "in and out of the vehicle, not only make it big ash badly, noise pollution from vehicles but also seriously affect the rest of us, know the government shut down the mixing station, we are happy to set off firecrackers to celebrate."

reporters rushed to the Tianjun Road, has been covered in dirt road, now the road has a lot cleaner, although the roadside treelawn also left an inch thick dust, but improve the environment, let the surrounding residents finally smiled. Grandpa Wang, who lives in the apartment of Jing Yue specifically with the reporter looked around, Uncle Wang said: "now here municipal construction after the excavation backfill Road, their staff also said that after the repair on the green belt, Jiangsu Jiuding the construction site every day many times in the water and dust. Although some of the mound on both sides of the road has not been clear, but the environment improved more than before." (author: Rong Li king Cheng Ying)

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