2013 Housing Fair will be five days to take the gold 200 million

yesterday, the Xining evening news exclusive media hosted by the 2013· Xining real estate and household industry trade fair into the fifth day, the flow of people and turnover continues to rise. As of yesterday morning, the Housing Fair will be traded 203 sets of various types of commercial housing, an area of about 27300 square meters, the amount of $208 million. It is reported that, due to the public participation, in order to meet the needs of more people, the organizing committee decided to be scheduled for the end of July 31st, the Housing Fair will be postponed to August 5th.

current housing fair in July 26th officially opened, both from the scale, influence and degree of standardization are more than the previous housing fair. In the current housing fair, the city housing security and the housing authority also sent a professional on the relevant laws and regulations, second-hand housing and other related businesses to conduct on-site solutions for the purchase of the property buyers to lift the worries. Wang is looking at the house, said: real estate focused on the display of a large supermarket like real estate, both the focus of the public and the convenience of the general public showings election room, from everywhere." Major projects together, both the lot, the price of competition, but also the ability to sell, the level of service competition, the developer is a fair competition, the greater the choice of the people in terms of.

reporter learned from a number of exhibitors understand that this is still the large-sized apartment buyers favorite, a number of large-sized apartment supply has been sold out, a sales staff told reporters: "usually a month to sell four or five suites, the housing fair a few days has sold four or five sets, the housing fair gave us a a good sales platform." Exhibition site developers brand strength should not be underestimated, many property buyers went straight to the brand. Hengda, Shengda · International Metro, and winning the most beautiful building in the Shangri-La evening news · city garden, block has become a housing fair on the meat and potatoes, which block most of the projects have been sold, Hengda only 90 square meters of a household type. Housing Fair will be held, but also set off a crowd of showings hot, it is understood that the majority of exhibitors opened the purchase of a train every day to and from the sales center four or five times. (author: Song Jia)

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