Cooperation to ease children’s difficult to see the province’s 35 medical institutions composed of p

5 26, 2009, Qinghai Pediatric Medical Association signing ceremony cum opening ceremony held at the provincial women’s children’s hospital. "Pediatric medical association" in provincial women and children hospital as a leader, composed of 35 medical institutions at all levels across the province, the provincial women and children’s hospital to form the United States, the city and county, comprehensive community hospital pediatric common development of the horizontal conjoined mode, aims to co-ordinate collaboration advantages, efforts to alleviate the difficult problem of children.

The establishment of

"pediatric medical association" is the process of health care reform in our province a breakthrough of exploration, sharing, the pediatric medical resources complementary advantages, the rapid increase in our province overall business level for the province’s pediatrician, child safety, quick and high quality medical services, improve the health level of children, great reduce infant mortality in our province. "Pediatric medical association" after the start, the effective integration of regional pediatric resources, use efficiency to maximize the quality of pediatric resources, gradually formed the hospital collaboration, experts sharing and quick referral medical treatment network.

it is understood that, after the establishment of the pediatric medical association, the province will facilitate the nearest child care. Where children with pediatric medical conjoined members of the doctor, can get the diagnosis and treatment of high level, homogenization, implementation of pediatric patients especially continuous treatment of patients with chronic disease in children, and to reduce the number of inspections, reduce the cost of medical service.


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