Yue Zhongming stressed that the ability to enhance the sustainable utilization of water resources to

recently, the Ministry of water resources of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission Yue Zhongming line depth in our province important lakes and rivers, the upper reaches of the Yellow River hydrological station, on runoff, the source region of the Yellow River ecological change and Gezhouba cascade operation management, and water diversion project phase third line survey.

over the past few days, Yue Ming in the source area of the Yellow River Qinghai Lake, Hubei lake and lake Ling ecological protection, development and utilization of water resources management. Visit the Qinghai Lake, Maduo along the Yellow River hydrological station. He stressed, should attach great importance to ecological protection work in the source region of the Yellow River, a the Yellow River spokesman and the guardian, the implementation of good governance in the Yellow River development and management, to ensure that the Yellow River Alan and sustainable utilization of water resources. And hydrological departments continue to strengthen the construction of hydrological style, hydrology and enhance the ability of social service, in-depth study on the variation of the Yellow River runoff regime, to provide services for the management and decision-making of water resources scheduling.

Yushu in the Tongtian River, Yue Ming stressed that the water diversion project is a fundamental measure to solve the problem of shortage of water resources in the Yellow River, is a national strategic project, to strengthen their confidence and promote the project preparatory work, in accordance with the "five development ideas" and the water conservancy work "Sixteen word policy", further demonstrates the necessity and feasibility analysis the project, to strengthen the linkage with the relevant local government, to steadily promote the progress of the project.

Yue Ming and his party also went deep into the Longyangxia reservoir, Laxiwa reservoir to understand the general situation of the project, scheduling and management.


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