Xining City Association explore the three pavilions

September 15th, the 2015 cities will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. This exhibition of millions of Xining in the eyes of the public, not simply an investment fair, but an important window of Xining’s development achievements show, Xining native products, cultural landscape a wonderful debut, it is a people’s festival.

wisdom Xining: transfer industry development trend

in all of the exhibition, exhibition industry chain in the eyes of the people is always so "cold", a string of no temperature figures, a lot of cold products, let outsiders to see the whole picture. The exhibition, the traditional impact will be broken! Industry chain exhibition during this exhibition will be more popular, more stylized visual display, let people feel the development of Xining industrial economy, demonstrated the wisdom of the image of Xining.

according to exhibit introduction, in order to make people more intuitive understanding of the industrial technology, the display area in the new energy, will set up a huge lithium battery model, the model forward, will be able to see the application of lithium battery to the electric car, etc.. And so on, visitors can solar and wind energy is how to integrate the common people living today see in the display area. If you are interested in the Qinghai Tibetan carpet industry, the designers will show you the magic change process from the wool to the exquisite carpet. These more image, easy to understand the industrial chain display, will make the wisdom of Xining more compelling.

[] footprint "12th Five-Year" since, our city has always been to accelerate the adjustment of economic structure, promote the upgrading of the push to achieve a breakthrough point and supporting point four development of industrial restructuring, through the transformation of the mode of development, increase the adjustment of industrial structure, bigger and stronger competitive industries, and strive to enhance the level of industrial development, promote industrial economy to the characteristics and advantages of type, circular economy, innovation driven, driven by radiation;

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