Qinghai power grid to help promote poverty

5 month 24 days, Longhua Hui Autonomous County village villagers Han Zhengqiang in the national network of Qinghai electric power company in helping the village cadres, set foot on the train in Beijing, helping Hand-Pulled Noodle paid field training.

in the poverty alleviation work in Qinghai electric power deepening "twinning", carry out "Renqin aid", to achieve full coverage, often walking, think "really close", to help ensure that out of poverty, poverty alleviation work carried out, to boost the poverty alleviation of poverty village. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the local village poverty alleviation and focus problems of the village and the villagers are most concerned about the actual situation, established the "combined with the local reality, relying on the local government, the use of existing resources, ideas to achieve precise poverty, from infrastructure construction, industrial poverty, poverty alleviation and other aspects of helping to carry out ideological preparation, the whole village poverty alleviation and development to promote the program of work, fine differentiation, responsibility for the program to strictly implement the relevant policies.

to do a good job of poverty alleviation work, the national network of Qinghai electric power company staff in the poverty alleviation poverty alleviation village thoroughly the situation analysis, identify the causes of poverty, precise measures and policies, to realize the precise poverty, poverty reduction objectives at the same time, further clarify and verify the poverty alleviation in the village poor households and personnel, improve the classification of information files and work Taizhang, do one stall, one card ", to ensure that no leakage of a person. In addition, the collection of all forces, with special poverty alleviation policy, formulate feasible measures to reduce poverty, promote the whole village poverty alleviation plan and preparation of household poverty reduction strategies, according to local conditions, village system, the user’s needs, the person, the early realization of poverty alleviation village poverty alleviation objectives; research visits village cooperatives, farmers, squeezed oil mill, processing workshop. To cooperatives, private enterprises as part of the poor rich platform, built in the original scale on the basis of bigger and stronger, to solve the employment problem of poor village population, increase the income of poor households.


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