Xining City North District Court held a former chairman and veteran Forum

court changes, the development of large, big hope, although separated by thousands of miles, but our hearts together, today we can see here, thank the party to build such a platform." After the establishment of the first president of the Northern District Court Chen Xianzhong said excitedly.

in the morning of July 23rd, the North District Court held a forum for the former president and veteran cadres, the party and the middle part of the leadership of the party and the cadres of the informal discussion.

forum, party secretary and President Song Zhongyi in our hospital in the first half of this year to complete the work, lack of work and the work of the second half to the multimedia report to and served as president of the old cadres, and on behalf of the Party School of the most sincere greetings to the president and served as cadres.

veteran cadres after listening to the report, the achievements and highlights of the court work has given full recognition, but also on behalf of the party concerned about the old comrades expressed gratitude. Since last year the Party School of the telephone once a month, once a year, a year before the forum next year and every hospital visit condolences "one of four" old cadre system is not only a promise, and take practical action to warm the heart of old cadres. In recent years, more and more to see the court changes of cadres spirit positive, trial work has made obvious to people results, as the court people sincerely feel happy and happy, let the Northern District Court in the future work can make still further progress.

party secretary, President Song Zhongyi said: we must always be grateful to do the work of veteran cadres, thanks to the former president and veteran cadres for the cause of the trial and the court’s contribution to the development. Today the forum veteran who had a good lesson, make efforts and hard work Yikusitian class class with their own experience to us, a lot of experience is our young generation has not experienced, this is our team, our team is to spur the encouragement, is love, is for our team the team hopes to us. We want to build an old political cadres house, as in the past do the work of veteran cadres, the old cadre is not centrifugal, old age. (author: Chen Shuang)

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