Qinghai set in Xi’an the wind blowing green

The Provincial Department of Commerce organized the 2014 Xi’an Qinghai large set of goods before the day ended in Xi’an, 78 enterprises in our province with dairy products, bee products, Chinese wolfberry products such as 9 categories, more than 400 kinds of products second times into Xi’an, in a local "Qinghai green wind", hit the spot total sales of 3 million 70 thousand yuan, the amount of 460 million yuan contract success, respectively than the previous set up 29.5% and 11.6%. Many local products through a large set to stay in Xi’an.

Qinghai large set of goods have been held for seven sessions, focus gradually from the scene to the scene of both sales and sales contract. During the event, the province’s 24 companies were signed with the local enterprises a total of $460 million purchase and sale agreement. Cooperation projects involving dairy products, Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps sinensis, jewelery, rapeseed oil, beef and mutton products and etc.. A Xi’an entrepreneur Li said that through a large set of her understanding of Qinghai, to understand the Qinghai wolfberry products, she firmly believes that green, healthy Qinghai wolfberry products will have a place in Xi’an. During the interview, the reporter saw Small and micro businesses accounted for exhibitors "half of the country, the provincial commerce department official said, their growth is good, strong brand awareness, market companies with high reputation in a large set of goods, pay attention to" timely assistance ", rather than" icing on the cake ", as the Qinghai special high-quality new products in particular to build a platform Small and micro businesses to enter foreign markets, forming a virtuous cycle of cultivating a number of mature group.

a large set of playing green brand specialty products

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