The third round of the Lake Electric Car Challenge perfect ending

6 month 22 days, in the Qinghai Grand Theatre on the square in front of the electric car by Beiqi new energy electric vehicles led team followed by closing the car station, marking the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicles challenge perfect ending.

The third

2016 ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge for a period of three days, the entire 981 km, a total of 12 stages of the harsh test, the organizing committee given 13 professional awards, 5 awards of the ad hoc committee, public welfare ambassador and Jin Ling award. Beiqi new energy EU260, Beiqi new energy EX200, Zotye new energy E200, Dongfeng Kai Chen Morrowind, BYD Daimler Teng potential, JAC iEV6S’s top domestic electric cars, have made their outstanding achievements.

race results, Beiqi group won the golden antelope award. Beiqi new energy EX200 to obtain the best control performance award, best interior design award, best design award, best award, the driver recommended climbing ability award, star recommended award six awards; new energy Beiqi EU260 to get the best braking distance award and best award, best comfort configuration continuous navigation ability Award three awards; BYD Daimler Teng potential won the best award, best technology fast charging capability configuration award, best award, best acoustics space design award four awards; all the Thai new energy E200 won the best breakthrough award, media recommendation award, the best energy-saving capacity of three Oscars; Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen Morrowind won the best performance award for iEV6S acceleration; the Committee recommended the award.

it is understood that the race for the promotion of electric vehicles, for the protection of the natural environment and the effective use of energy will play a significant role in promoting. At the same time, such activities held in the charming scenery of Qinghai, effectively promote the magnificent scenery of the United States and Qinghai, and the concept of ecological protection.


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