The workers’ Union the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions established the first group of

June 3rd morning, the Xining Federation of trade unions, the first group of cadres announced the establishment of A. Municipal Committee, the City Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong attended the inaugural ceremony and speech.

Wang Haihong pointed out that as an important force in the city’s ability to strengthen the construction of trade union cadres and professional team, the team has a unique irreplaceable advantages. Hope that the experts and scholars of instructors to enhance the quality of trade union cadres responsibility, give full play in the teaching practice ability and cleverness, continue to absorb new ideas, establish new concepts, new learning theory, accept new information, acquire new means, explore new methods, cultivate a trade union cadres can adapt to the requirements of the new situation for quality in our city, and strive to raise the city of union cadres training work to a new level. At the same time, trade unions at all levels should effectively enhance the majority of trade union cadres through the training of the ability of the masses of workers, to play a good role in the union workers’ home.

lecturer group by the Provincial Federation of trade unions cadres, municipal Party school, some colleges and universities and the relevant functional departments of 12 professors and experts and scholars.


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