How to join the process of good porridge Road

porridge in the hearts of Chinese people is how? You know, like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China’s business are selling porridge, you can imagine how the world status of Chinese porridge. Fast food as one of China’s ten most promising food items, the snack industry will naturally not inferior.

is a good way of porridge porridge and Guangdong snacks and snacks for the main business varieties, with Cantonese dishes, Guangdong authentic burning halogen soup, lotus leaf rice, sugar, rice, barbecue baozaifan boutique business packages, Sichuan flavor dishes and other dishes, focusing on nutrition and health, delicious fashion "as the theme of consumption, thus forming a" Guangdong, Kawa Tamesuke, both north and South "brand special delicacy.

good porridge road joining process:

1, join Consulting: free project information, information and franchise consulting services.

2, project inspection: join partners to visit the headquarters, to understand the "good porridge Road," the operating conditions and products, communication.

3, join negotiations:

according to the local environment and their partners to join, join the recommended mode selection; according to their partners, provide professional guidance for the investment budget, accounting for return on investment partners; the free evaluation guide for business assessment and store earnings; the contract terms, interpretation.

4, sign the contract: sign the contract, pay the fee, authorized to join the relevant certificate.

5, join the training: free of charge to join the partner selection training, technical training and management training.

6, store location: according to the requirements of the headquarters training and site selection strategy for the local store location, and get the headquarters.

7, opening preparation: according to the construction of the store free of charge to provide store decoration, opening and other guidance.

8, the opening of new stores, free stores opening activities and promotional activities to guide.

9, stable operation:

headquarters will be based on the franchisee’s operations, regular guidance. Long term management and management consulting services are provided free of charge.

investment amount: 20-50 million

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