Five measures to improve the level of budget management

Since last year, the provincial government to carry out a comprehensive performance evaluation of provincial department budget management, expand the special focus on the expenditure performance appraisal scope, strive to improve evaluation quality, expand the scope of the efforts, the comprehensive performance of the provincial department budget management to achieve full coverage, to promote the provincial departments to improve the budget management level.

– evaluation scope to achieve full coverage. At present, the provincial government will all provincial level budget departments included in the scope of assessment, the number to participate in the evaluation of the sector reached 100, 67 more than the previous year, realize the comprehensive budget management departments at the provincial level performance evaluation work full coverage.

– index system more perfect. According to the Ministry of Finance issued "on the budget performance evaluation index system of general framework" and in 2013 the province’s financial work focus on five aspects of the comprehensive effect evaluation focused on department budget preparation, budget execution, budget supervision, budget management and budget management.

– evaluation procedure standard. According to the unified evaluation methods, evaluation work is divided into seven stages: develop the evaluation plan and carry out the evaluation issued notice, the examination scope, budget evaluation, appraisal report, and submit the written evaluation organization.

– selected scientific re evaluation department. The nature of the work is comprehensive, special funds, a large amount of budget management more complex provincial departments into the evaluation scope, quantity evaluation of the sector reached 43, accounting for all departments to participate in the evaluation of the 43%.The evaluation results of the effective use of

. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the provincial departments, according to the assessment methods, the results of the re evaluation of the departments in the forefront of the assessment results to give incentives, and the results of the assessment conducted.  

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