On behalf of members of the proposed reform of public hospitals to ease the shortage of doctors

current shortage of pediatricians highlights the contradiction, in fact, emergency, anesthesia, pathology, obstetrics and other departments are also facing a shortage of doctors, patients difficult to see a doctor." The country is being held NPC and CPPCC, the Department of ENT of Otolaryngological Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University director Zhou Liang on behalf of members have said that in addition to strengthen the doctor training, the need for more comprehensive reform of public hospital assessment salary mechanism to a rational allocation of resources, alleviate the shortage.

member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Department of ENT of Otolaryngological Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University director Zhou Liang said, in the spring and winter flu season, some of the city due to shortage of pediatricians, reason, children get together medical doctor lianzhouzhuan, children and parents row three or four hours to see the clinic, and even had to close the emergency department, has aroused widespread concern in society, the relevant departments will take timely measures. But it must be noted that, in addition to pediatrics, first aid, anesthesia, pathology, there is a shortage of doctors.

Zhou Liang said that now there are a number of colleges and universities announced the resumption of pediatric admissions, but also need to pay attention to and change the number of anesthesia and other medical disciplines to reduce the number of candidates and strokes. "Inside the hospital, we need to reinforce the shortage of pediatric professional standardized residency training, the graduates have a certain basic medical colleges through the rotation training, master the skills of pediatrics."

, President of the National People’s Congress, Anhui Provincial Hospital, said Xu Geliang, careful analysis of Pediatrics, emergency care, anesthesia and other departments behind the shortage of doctors, you can see the underlying reasons for the deep. The economic benefits of these departments are generally poor, but the intensity of work, high risk, psychological pressure, or more prominent contradiction between doctors and patients, or belong to the background of auxiliary departments, low sense of accomplishment. Emergency often overcrowded, emotional family members, doctors perennial work in this state, mental stress or pathology; although it is a strong discipline in the United States, but in the country belong to the "unsung heroes"; "miserable" ultrasound doctor, long-term visual impairment can not eat ray, a little bit wrong."

"these factors lead to medical students in the choice of profession ‘hard’, not willing to apply; and the doctor in the long-term high load working environment are not given due attention and better treatment, but also a serious loss." Xu Geliang representative said, now the shortage is very serious, we have a hospital doctor from seven in the morning to see two o’clock in the afternoon, in the middle can not drink water, because there is no time to go to the toilet. The news reports of the anesthesiologist tired lying in the operation room rest, it is not unusual."

Director Jia Weiping

suggested that the National People’s Congress, President of Shanghai No.6 People’s Hospital, Shanghai Diabetes Institute, for public welfare, first aid, pediatric anesthesia are relatively strong, relatively low operating efficiency and the departments must take people to see a doctor, feel satisfaction, supporting the operation, evaluation and examination system reform of the hospital, in the personnel recruitment is preferred. To tilt, in performance appraisal, improve the treatment of the medical staff of these departments.

Xu Geliang on behalf of the proposal;

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