Arena contest heavy machinery industry workers skills competition

From August 31st to September 2nd, Qinghai Province, eleventh employees of the occupation skill competition and the heavy machinery industry (steel industry) workers occupation skill contest kicked off in Xining, from the province of the six enterprises 239 days Turner, fitter, electrician and welder four types in the technical strength of the big stage on the sound of the contest.

, competitive. In the practical operation of welders, saw welding flowers scattered, players wearing helmets in sound to the bared bared weld welded parts, forming a moment one of the beautiful welded steel pipe. Contestant Li Bin is the second time to participate in the contest, he told reporters that in recent years Xigang company to increase the training and selection of technical workers, this is a good opportunity to borrow a stage dance ", is also a chance to show ego.

in electrical operation area, from Xining steel group player Cai Jianjun is doing the preparatory work before the competition. His idea is very simple, although the first time to participate in the competition, but for individuals can increase the level of skills, but also exercise their own. The same is from Xining special steel group Wu Houbin slightly nervous. "It takes a lot of pressure on me to finish the race in 3.5 hours, but I have to finish the task in a given time".

fitter in practical area, the players are sanded with a piece of parts, soon a rusty parts are burnished. I saw the players for a while to measure the standard ruler, and then saw a saw. The referee told reporters, in 6 hours, the players within the specified time to two square parts, clamp into crafts especially fine drawings, the contestants show both in skills, and endurance test. At this time, reporters for their long game silently say "refueling".Fixed area A, B,

in a second time in the past, the game continues, from all these large enterprises outstanding technical experts, compete, learn skills, stage in the technical strength of the full display of their skill level, to raise the level of skills, with their own ability and cleverness for enterprise development.  

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