Near the school and turn off the black bars in the law enforcement departments of several nternet c

does not have any legal procedures, very private rented pavement cafes near the school, special shelter near schools and some minors online. In April 28th, the inspection team found that Xining City Cultural District law enforcement officers in Xining City Nanchuan road along the two Internet cafes on-site investigation, at least a dozen students dressed in school uniforms are playing games in Internet cafes nearby residents lamented: "lived here for several years, I did not expect to open a few Internet cafes here."

teacher repeatedly into the cafe to find disciples

on the afternoon of April 27th, the wind blew. 16 am, the school after school. South of the New District of Hua Luogeng experimental school in front of the road was crowded with students and parents come to pick up the children. The school quieted down, a more than and 40 year old female teacher came out from the school, she did not go straight home, but take the bus before the Nanchuan Road, because on that day, in her class of two students to play truant again Nanchuan road Internet cafes to play games. After ten minutes, the teacher drove to nearby Nanchuan Road eight, get off after her to a nearby store copy typing away, because the typed copy shop hidden in a small cafe. The woman teacher can’t remember how many times she came here to look for a student.

the teacher told reporters, Near East Nanchuan bearing factory belongs to the urban high, so very much here in Internet cafes, students are the main customers of local Internet cafes. She said, in her class, there was a little boy named Green (a pseudonym) is very clever, academic performance has been among the best, but from the end of last year, the green class often distracted, performance is also greatly reduced, green day actually stole home money to play online games, but also missing for several days. According to the teacher introduced a few years ago, the green car accident father died, mother later remarried to the field, from small to large green has been to follow old grandparents living, green first disappeared, Grandpa and grandma traveled to the area near the cafe, but could not find him, green Grandma had to call to her for help. Since then, green began to play truant, truancy, frequent access to the game room, Internet cafes. "It will ruin the future of children, regardless of day or night, the teacher will find green to Internet cafes, this one not to find another, until you find it, and then patiently to the green again and again from the Internet.

black Internet cafes are really harmful, I hope the relevant departments to be able to look at it, but also a healthy and civilized learning environment for students." The teacher said.

store hidden black Internet cafes

the afternoon of April 28th, according to the address provided by the teacher, the reporter did not find the black bars which are hidden in the rented room, then in a Internet often come here to pupils under the leadership of the reporter found the first Internet cafes in the vicinity of the provincial capital Nanchuan Road Primary school. The Internet cafe opened in a shop on the side of the road, the blue door only;

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