Police express Xining City Public Security Bureau cracked knife robbery murder case

  in October 23rd, Xining City Public Security Bureau successfully cracked 8· 10 robbery and murder, destroyed a gang of criminals.

on the evening of August 10th, a murder occurred in the Eastern District road. Because at that time in the dead of night, who committed the crime, motive and other circumstances are unknown, to solve the problem is very difficult. After the incident, the public security organs at all levels attach great importance to the East Branch of the organization to focus on the investigation of the murder suspect. More than 2 months, the investigators went to Lanzhou, Xi’an and other places in the implementation of hundreds of clues related to the case, after a lot of painstaking investigation Mopai, October 22nd, Interpol brigade investigators in the Republic of the road in a rented room of the 3 suspects arrested.

since August, 3 suspects from huzutzu County Gang sneaked Xining conspired to rob, specially selected single pedestrian against the object, in the East, north, west of the city, such as continuous knife robbery crime reached more than 10. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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