Multi measures to solve environmental problems

"By Li Li line change, solve various problems 81, the offices and units to solve the various problems 133, effectively solve the people concerned about environmental issues of concern……" Since the mass line of educational practice activities, the city environmental protection bureau from the aspects of taking various control measures and solutions to environmental protection work in our city has achieved remarkable results, so that people feel the beauty of the blue sky. In order to promote the construction of grass-roots party organizations, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and 3 village Party organizations to carry out twinning helping, do good 168 things for the people in the community, the organization to carry out "party brand creation", environmental monitoring and other activities. In the pragmatic rectification measures for the people, exposure and punishment of a number of environmental violations of the enterprise, effectively solve the environmental problems of the masses concerned about. At the same time, open up a green environmental service channel, shorten the time limit for environmental administrative examination and approval, to do on-site service, reservation service. In the people’s most concerned about the issue of environmental remediation, environmental protection departments to increase the city’s construction sites, commercial concrete enterprises and key construction projects inspections. The implementation of the 974 tons of steam coal to gas fired boilers; to redraw the yellow car limit line area, will be expanded to 10.7 square kilometers, 27 road; increase the adjustment of industrial structure, the 9 industrial enterprises in the Gan River Industrial Park of serious pollution, governance hopeless make shut down, eliminate increasing industrial plan; enterprise pollution treatment wastewater efforts, the implementation of the 46 governance projects in 28 enterprises. It is understood that, as of the end of September, the city’s air quality rate of 73.9%, compared with the same period last year increased by 21.2 percentage points. The Huangshui River inferior V water section is reduced, the annual concentration of pollutants decreased, the overall water quality has improved.  

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