Urban and rural residents medical insurance payment time extension

reporter learned from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, the city’s 2016 urban and rural residents to pay the time will be extended to January 25, 2016, the insured urban and rural residents do not pay timely processing procedures, will no longer accept the insured payment.

it is understood that the line by province people club hall "golden insurance project" of urban and rural residents medical insurance information system, realize information management, debugging information data integration system and the insured, caused the city’s urban and rural residents to pay 2016 annual time delay. In order to ensure the normal payment of urban and rural residents to pay and enjoy medical treatment, the 2016 annual urban and rural residents Medicare payment period from the end of this year to January 25, 2016.

at the same time, to remind the City Social Security Bureau, for urban and rural residents health insurance fund at the end of the financial and Agricultural Bank to be required to do business in December 31, 2015 to suspend the year-end accounts, the medical insurance for urban residents in Xining city one day, January 1, 2016 return to normal payment.


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