Six measures to allow Huangyuan farmers no reduction in production

Huangyuan county to effectively solve the problem of agricultural production due to excessive rainfall this year, to take six measures to achieve the purpose of reducing agricultural production service. Up to now, the transfer of rural labor force 38224 people, to achieve labor income of $147 million.

it is understood that the partnership Huangyuan county labor brokers association and intermediary organizations inside and outside the county and large enterprise organizations, the transfer of rural labor force of more than 8000 people; the county service station on labor demand Haixi West Coast region, more than 3600 workers to the overall organization of the County Park Haixi workers; labor station more than 800 rural labor force to help Xining surrounding the park enterprises to achieve employment; the organization of more than 2600 rural labor force to the sea Masino Mu Hong farm picking wolfberry, expected per capita income will reach 4000 yuan or more; organize the implementation of the employment prospects of the cooking, farmhouse, embroidered leather and other training programs, training of rural labor has more than 850 employees, after the training and employment has reached more than 90%; increase the entrepreneurial small secured loans efforts, audited lending funds to support 33 million yuan, driven by direct and indirect 500 More than one person to achieve employment. (author: Rong Lijun)


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