Grandpa and uncle had just parked fire cheesecake half net profit of 1 million

I don’t know when to start, the streets of Hefei, there was a sudden gust of wind "cheese cake, each purchase of a" Hefei tempt the appetite of the chowhound.

[unusually hot] cheesecake shop bustling

"Daddy like Myers said yesterday with uncle, today morning, Dad went to line up to buy me 3 boxes!! Buddies, one team each person can only purchase a box, back and forth team ranked 3 times!! Dad was too awesome!" Last weekend, friends Phoenix – girl MM micro-blog, causing hot friends.

attracted reporters came to the store, found the shop four or five oven turns job, each oven baked two disc 12 cake once, about 40 minutes. At noon, the front desk of three staff busy, one responsible for the removal of the cake, a person responsible for packaging, one responsible for the cashier.

while less customers clearance, beauty clerk told reporters, they are from 9 am to 9 pm, six assistants on a day to rest one day. "Weekend at noon and afternoon especially busy, we basically are not free to speak."

in front of the store, the reporter gets special from Wuhu to visit cheese cake project of Zhang Jianbin, he told reporters, because lots of excellent location, the shop business is really good. On weekends and holidays, the store can sell up to nearly 1000 cakes, one day sales of more than 30 thousand yuan. Usually single day sales of 400 -600, according to the average sales of 500, the daily sales of nearly 18 thousand yuan, the monthly total sales of about $540 thousand. Excluding various costs, the store first half net profit of 1 million yuan." Has been investigated for many days Zhang Jianbin told reporters.

[market] on the cheese cake to win in the "taste + marketing"

in the other district of Hefei, "Grandpa Rick" and "a monarch" and "cheese Republic" cake shop, so that consumers feel a bit dizzying. Similar style of decoration, baking means similar, similar products, marketing methods are similar.

4 30 July, Wang Xiaorui’s "Uncle Myers" cake shop opened in the nearby city of intime. This is less than 10 square meters of small stores, may just opened, on the sale of the more than and 260, a little lower than I expected, you know, I walk in the street and Wanda shops, one day can sell four hundred or five hundred." Wang Xiaorui said.

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