Six magic weapon of success

is the accumulation of wealth is very simple, we usually pay more attention to the daily life bit by bit, in fact, can long days and months multiplying their own career. How to do it?

1, the first meeting of the art in the face of new people, the key is to let him say what? People usually instinctively want to own things, so it is best not to have any restrictions or ideas to the First impressions are strongest, frank attitude, nature can narrow the distance between each other.        

2, layers of referral contacts is increased through the "Introduction", both friends and former colleagues, the tour visitors know when to turn the introduction, even new relationships and then introduced his acquaintance…… This cycle of recycling, you can accumulate considerable connections. A Henan travel agency by teacher Tan Xiaofang, the first thing every time after the contract is to please the other party leader or leader of the best relationship to their business manager — from feedback and statistics, referral rate of signing at least doubled! However, if only accept others, and do not introduce their connections to others, a long time will be questioned, after all, is the mutual feedback is polite. We travel agency managers are very broad, but to learn to share with new and old customers.

3, and make friends with foreigners to establish contacts with foreigners, the language is followed, the most important thing is to show the spirit of Hospitality (management of international business travel agency manager, with particular attention to!). In practice, one can understand the other country’s history and culture oriented, to quickly break the barriers themselves with each other (for example, contact and French customers, research Wine related knowledge), on the other hand, can be more in-depth exploration of their own countries, will entertain each other, provide souvenir advice, planning culture travel, fulfill with responsibility. If the business manager of the international travel agency pays close attention to the implementation of this item, the potential benefits will be great!  

4, customer referrals by existing customers, looking for a shortcut: customers come from large customers before you, as a travel agent, so you have to understand — they only than those who still is a potential big customer first enter your clients ranks, so they may be more clear about what the customer is potential customers than you, catch hold of this information chain, make good use of. For example, the author and a trade association in Henan before the organization of a group of outbound tours, through them, I know almost all over the province >

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