Primary school students resume has become a business opportunity

talk about the resume, more people think of is an adult looking for a job when they need a tool, which is mainly aimed at adults. However, in the current education market, students also need to make a resume. At the same time, primary school students resume has become a business opportunity!

coated paper, printing, binding, thickness of dozens or even one hundred or two hundred page, cost tens of dollars or even thousands of yuan…… This is the Wenzhou pupils of luxury resume, but also rather than college students resume. They are the primary and junior high school introductory material, hope to apply for the school to leave a good impression.

, however, many schools said they value the overall quality of students, rather than the packaging of luxury resume.

graphic shop resume not only the quality of children competing

parents jobs also printed up

not long ago, Wenzhou Heng Sheng graphic company staff Mr. Peng completed a fine primary resume: hundreds of pages of the study materials, all of the coated paper, each page with pictures or painted design, hard bound album style, design to cost plus one thousand yuan.

doubled, the content is very rich, in addition to the letter of recommendation, resume, comprehensive quality report, school certificate, residence certificate and exhibition, and painting, practiced calligraphy, learned to play the violin, dance and other hobbies, and a variety of travel events, personal photo.

Peng said, near the primary or junior high school hours, often parents to give children a customized resume, spend fifty or sixty yuan to 1000 yuan. Some generous parents, ask for a resume coated paper, bound into books, punch pictures, photo albums, basically have three hundred or four hundred yuan.

, a graphic store owner said that some children’s resume, but also shows the extent of the education of parents, as well as positions, such as company CEOs, senior engineers, especially those working in government departments. Competition is not only the child’s achievements and quality, as well as the strength of parents.

parents attractive packaging easy to attract the attention of the school

"in the eyes of the students, I am a good friend; in the teacher, I am a good student, excellent class cadre; in the eyes of parents, I am a sensible good boy." Compliment yourself, and use the highest frequency in your resume.

in a resume, Ms. quarter will son from primary school to grade six, which are included in the drip, thick up to 136 pages, she said that this is a new understanding of the child.

in addition to the advantages of

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