Several suggestions for the public to raise food and beverage entrepreneurs

all the chips in the moment is a form of a rise in comparison, intended to be able to put together a number of like-minded people together to raise a small part of the funds to do something. Food and beverage industry also exists in this form, which is a new situation of entrepreneurship. Restaurants to raised by the public to achieve entrepreneurial success, should first understand the many restaurants to raise the causes of project failure, launched the project to raise the public catering sponsor, at the beginning of a project, you should do the following, or your project from the failure is not far away.

since it is a cooperative project, we can not only face, some words must be in the project before the cooperation to understand that this is the basis for cooperation. Do not let the "embarrassing" bad project success possible.

, a catering project to raise the public, not to add to the trouble of

everyone to raise public understanding of different, we have a new business model in this way, we are not just raising money, more people. The congregation raised for the project participants should have a reasonable grasp of food, have passion, do not the kind of indifferent participant, enthusiasm that will consume the entire team.

two, partners, not just waiting for the penny

some time ago news reports, some of the public to raise the project’s failure is not in the minority, mostly because of the attitude of the project partners. Some of the public to raise project participants, think money can invest, snack food business projects do not care about their participation in the development of the project, not too much responsibility, problem, idea is there anyway to solve other people, they could not make much contribution. This led to the enthusiasm of the team is not strong, only the project sponsor and individual participants in the maintenance, to a certain stage, it is easy to fail.

especially when some of the participants, the operation of the project, not actively participate, but dividends when they showed positive, it will also cause the team problems, therefore initiated the project to raise the public when dining, should choose those who can provide additional value for the project, can pay to continue to envy, in order to maintain sustainable development project.

three, management advice to unify

said that although "shuaishouzhanggui" is one of the congregation raised many causes of project failure, but some "too much intervention" makes all items can not raise better. In the project to raise the public, not too say no peace. Do not say, people will think I have to pay, and what does not listen to me, but also too much food and beverage business, who wants to adopt, more contradictions.

in the congregation to raise food after the project was initiated, all involved should have such an understanding, food and beverage business projects do not over intervention project >

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