You never thought of the idea of online Entrepreneurship

is now using the network to start a business, has become the common choice of countless people, but the network is also the same as in our daily lives, if the project is not good, as difficult to succeed. Here Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a network of good ideas, I believe you never thought!

1) a letter from Santa Claus: pretend you are writing from the south pole, pretend you are Santa Claus, write a letter to a child and send a Christmas present. Of course, these children’s parents to pay, 10 yuan a. Listen and act like a joke, but they have already sold 200 thousand.

2) million dollar website: I believe many people are aware of this idea, the web page is divided into 1 million pixels, each pixel to sell a piece of money, of course, have to buy 10X10 or more to see, many people buy more pixels.

before the website was born, I am afraid of most people, the idea of listening is stupid, who do you want to buy? But at the age of 21 young people in the concept of the invention has become a millionaire, his 1 million pixels in a very short period of time all sold. Now there are a lot of people imitating.

3) for dogs goggles: to do some dogs wearing goggles, and then sell on the internet. It sounds very mysterious, but they have become millionaires, but also opened a lot of real shops.

4) antenna ball: sell car antenna used to decorate the small ball toys, and so on, and now people use this thing?. Look inside, but also a millionaire was born. By the way, they are all made in china.

5) laser monks: monks opened a website to sell printer cartridges and other supplies. It is the real monks who operate the site, and that is what they are. Their sales in 2005 were $2 million 500 thousand.

these opportunities, you heard? I believe that many of you may not know, but this is indeed the existence of business opportunities, if you want to use the network to create a wealth of business now, then what are you waiting for? Choose a suitable for your own, and quickly create your wealth!

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