Li Keqiang chatted with young people while drinking coffee

countries to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship for young people to give strong support to promote the development and promotion of entrepreneurial market. Premier Li Keqiang with action to support the majority of young entrepreneurs, and young people often talk about entrepreneurship.

[Li Keqiang and young people drinking coffee and talking to Li Keqiang 7] venture to Zhongguancun Venture Street coffee 3W. He sat down and talked with the young man while drinking coffee. Have gathered around entrepreneurs for introducing their projects to the prime minister. We heard all kinds of bizarre ideas, the prime minister said: "this brilliant, what ideas are really know! The social demand is the public, this is the essence of the public business."

[Li Keqiang encourage entrepreneurs: today is tomorrow you roadshow, successful preview] Li Keqiang 7 in Zhongguancun Venture Street 3W investigation into the coffee, pull hook net roadshow site. The person in charge of the company, this is only 180 employees recruitment platform for more than a year on the Internet companies to transport a 1 million 500 thousand talent. The Prime Minister for their employment to drive a lot of praise. He encouraged entrepreneurs, today you roadshow, tomorrow is the success of the rehearsal.

[Li Keqiang: the "people" investment is the largest investment] Li Keqiang 7 came to Zhongguancun Venture Street Chinese Academy of Sciences and the founder of the "Legend of the star of lenovo". Learned here 7 years free training of more than 600 high-tech start-ups CEO. The prime minister said: "you not only create enormous material wealth, but also cultivate a large number of people to create material wealth. People are the most valuable asset, the investment of ‘people’ is the biggest investment."

[Li Keqiang: people have righteousness is the heart into the industry, and ultimately to Li Keqiang 7] into the Zhongguancun Venture Street star of Lenovo, and go with case analysis of venture entrepreneurs complex concept. The prime minister praised the entrepreneurial culture here, not a few people venture patent, but the choice of the majority. Learn here who respected business venture righteousness, Prime Minister nodded, entrepreneurial culture itself contains moral integrity, people have righteousness is the heart finally become the industry.

[Li Keqiang: the government not only to decentralization, put the tube combination, but also enhance the service] Li Keqiang 7 came to Zhongguancun Venture Street business reception hall, informed here to provide registration, free of charge for entrepreneurs, financial and legal free utilities, Internet services. The prime minister said that many of the government hall emphasis on streamlining the process, you are more emphasis on service, which is the government’s responsibility. The government not only to decentralization, put the tube combination, but also enhance the service.


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