How to join the automatic peeler

in our living standards continue to improve today, we gradually improve the demand for high-tech products. Then, start to choose to join the automatic peeler? Brand good project, the best choice for entrepreneurship.

do you know to join the automatic peeler OK?

Now, pesticide residual bacteria

in the pericarp, great harm to the body, attached to the skin to eat convenience can not, this is a fully automatic fruit peeler electric very practical, when friends come to or I need to taste the fruit, it can be used to quickly make a plate of fruit meal, its body is delicate, compact and easy to use. Can bring you a clean and a fun.

first put on the handle and fix the bottom of the apple on the table. Place the apple in the center of the apple. "Stir bar" began to peel rotation. When finished peeling action, peeling knife will automatically release.

tips, when the cutter head cutting time, because the surface of the apple is not stuck, do not force to continue to rotate the handle, the handle should be inverted, so that the head off the card.

has a unique and creative brand, always very attractive to consumers. How to join the automatic peeler? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is the best choice of our business! Come and join us. Let’s get rich together!

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