Car beauty shop location

is well known, in addition to the shop to choose the project, and the most important thing is to determine the appropriate location before the shop. For such a fierce competition in the market, want to successfully operate car beauty shop investors, find the location of the method is the key to success. Let us take a look at the car beauty shop location factors?

automotive beauty shop from the market valuation of the staff is mainly based on the popularity, address and business needs to help investors siting. Among them, according to popular location, must consider the following factors: the flow of people: usually, holiday and Sunday night, the proportion of passengers and traffic;: automobile, motorcycle with flow (this is important for investment in automotive beauty industry, the): current and future; traffic may increase or decrease transportation; road width and parking problems; regional characteristics: competition, complementary shop stores, financial institutions and education, leisure facilities; population survey: the population quantity, consumption habits and other values; exploration: major and minor business scope, rent, price. In short, according to popular site shop, can be roughly divided into two kinds: one in the mouth of a People are hurrying to and fro. downtown, opened in the residential area.

car beauty stores location on the basis of lots of location, lots of shops generally have three types: the first is the mature central business district; the second is forming multi District, adjacent to large residential area or employment center, can attract a large number of employment or commercial buildings economic development zone; the third category is the residential area internal.

automotive beauty shop according to the business needs of the site: first, according to the operating content to select the address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Two to choose the spontaneous formation of a market segment. Three to choose the advertising space store. Some stores do not have an independent facade, the front of the store will naturally lose the independent advertising space, but also makes you lose the wisdom of marketing wisdom in front of the store. Four have a sense of "excuse me". The shop is located in the vicinity of a well-known chain or a strong brand store, and even can be opened next to it.

even if there are many factors affecting the quality and success or failure of auto beauty shop, but it is undeniable that site selection is a key element. Business was not easy, so we must do a good job planning in the shop before the above summary of the opening of a car to join several reference elements store location, hoping to provide a reference and help for everyone.

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