Taiwan businessmen start empty handed successful counter attack

many Taiwan businessmen made their plans to get rich in a particular environment, especially in the case of left with nothing whatsoever. Want to start empty-handed friends, and a look at their rich case, may bring some inspiration to you.

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the God of business

50 in the early 1990s, Taiwan plastic industry is very backward, the world’s plastics industry is also in the early stages of development. When Wang Yongqing saw the promising prospect of the development of the plastic industry, he took it to the American Development Office in Taiwan summerheat borrows $680 thousand to build plastic factory.

1987, Formosa Plastics Corp sales of $5 billion 300 million, pre tax earnings of $6. 9 billion 500 million dollars, compared to 1986 (30). 900 million U.S. dollars) growth of nearly 1 times. Now, Wang Yongqing has become one of the world’s richest tycoons, known as the "business of God"".

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and started

some for their own services goods store buying cheap food, at the expense of sleep time, all the way to the distant country to buy pork, even the boss and colleagues don’t tell, they spontaneously "to store" and rubbed his tired eyes, to catch the night.

Fujian origin of Mr. Chen, because he is seeking loyalty, with friends, work conscientiously, so when the operation of a small grocery store in him, by a French tycoon’s appreciation, and thus into the bank work. Then he Everything is going smoothly. hongtudazhan. Many people dream, miles away the enterprises, such as banks, railways, ships and so on, let him dash.

It is hard to give

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