Xinjiang nut cake Prince online poineering road

a lot of business success is not accidental, they are good at analyzing the situation, seize the most suitable for the development of a good opportunity to succeed. "Xinjiang nut cake Prince" is one of the typical representative, I believe we are not unfamiliar to his name, he uses unique products and their popularity, instantly turned into a successful business.

dili. Mamat spit hot from Xinjiang County of Shache, is the third generation descendant of Xinjiang nut cake. For him, Xinjiang nut cake is more than delicious snacks, but also his parents and six siblings living skills. In 2012, the astronomical events in Hunan Yueyang, Xinjiang nut cake "has aroused the entire society of Xinjiang and even the whole group Xinjiang nut cake hot, including ridicule, abusive voice. This was made in the study Changsha Dili very sad, "Xinjiang nut cake is obviously a very delicious food, why do people think so?" In the classmate’s proposal, Dili and two Han classmates formed a team together on Taobao to sell up the shop name Xinjiang nut cake Prince Xinjiang nut cake.

the beginning, there were three or four stores to sell the Taobao platform Xinjiang nut cake, and choose the narrow range of single species. Dili team and buy goods in each shop, one by one after tasting found that not only Xinjiang nut cake taste good, the ingredients are not authentic, some even with Xinjiang nut cake flour. "This is not true Xinjiang nut cake." So Dili and his partners began to try making your own Xinjiang nut cake. Followed by "tongue 2" Chinese broadcast, Xinjiang nut cake burst fire, leveraging the Dongfeng overnight Prince Xinjiang nut cake.

"115 degrees Celsius for 4 hour, 90 kg to 30 kg concentrated syrup Grape Juice. After baking walnut crisp, coke. Mix the Xinjiang nut cake, eager to take advantage of good. In other parts of China, this food is called Xinjiang nut cake."   May 2014, 2: "the tongue season" is introduced Xinjiang nut cake, on that night, a big wave to come to consult the guests almost Jibao shop wangwang. That day, the store received a total of more than and 300 orders.

The huge flow of

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