The ten things that make a great man

whether you are a company’s ordinary staff, or a friend who has a dream, want to become a major event, you have to reserve more resources for yourself. If you not mediocrity, or if you have a business idea, you should now start to improve themselves. A great event will do the following ten things:

A, savings friendship

, learn to let go

, sow goodness

must do one’s best, let those bitter and sad than you than you people feel the warmth and the beauty of the world. Such kindness is often sown, inadvertently, will be out of the most beautiful flower of human nature.

four, understand music

five, to avoid the two kind of bitter

two in the world suffering is not suffering, suffering two is love. The premise of the former in your efforts, put everything as a gambling, wins the calm, defeated indifferent, fortunately, this age there is a certain capital to a; the latter is the most bitter, if at this time there is such a feeling, must be as clear as dust, sweep it out from the heart wu.

six, learn to bear

seven, with a grateful heart

eight, love

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