The first listed agricultural firms Jiangyin agricultural firm

financial industry has been vigorously developed, a lot of cases where the emergence of their own bank. Every local banks are playing their own competitive advantage, and constantly expand their own competitive strength. Following the Bank of Jiangsu in July 20th after the purchase of the issue, the Commission announced on the evening of 22, Guiyang bank and Agricultural Bank of China IPO application. Among them, Jiangyin agricultural firm will become the first listed agricultural firm. This also means that the A-share market is set off a small commercial bank IPO A. The following and small series of specific understanding.

Bank of Jiangsu is the first commercial bank to restart after a lapse of 6 years IPO. Prior to the A-share market, there are 16 listed banks A. Among them, in 2010, the Agricultural Bank (601288, shares) and China Everbright Bank (601818, shares) listed banks listed in 2007; most of the year, the Industrial Bank (601166, shares), CITIC Bank (601998, shares), Bank of Communications (601328, shares), Construction Bank (601939, shares) and the Bank of Ningbo (002142, shares), Nanjing Bank (601009, shares) and Beijing Bank (601169, shares) IPO.

domestic banking industry in recent years, earnings growth fell significantly. Data show that commercial banks in 2015 net profit of 7.2, an increase of 2.4% percentage points lower than in 2014. However, the good momentum of development of the Bank of Guiyang, more than two listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market earnings growth. The report shows that the Bank of Guiyang at the end of 2015 the balance of deposits of $180 billion 987 million, an increase of 38.74% over the same period last year, in 2015 operating income of $7 billion 705 million, an increase of 34.17%. 2013 to 2015, Guiyang Bank net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 1 billion 804 million yuan, respectively, $2 billion 436 million and $3 billion 222 million, of which an increase of 32.27% in 2015.

Bank of Guiyang at the end of 2015, non-performing loan ratio was 1.48%, compared with 2014 at the end of 0.81%, an increase of 0.67 percentage points, while the end of 2013 to 0.59%; at the end of 2015, the provision coverage ratio was 239.98%, compared with the previous year’s 400.43% decline, but still significantly higher than the industry average.

5 home has been listed agricultural companies last year, net profit collective negative growth, but the listed banks and the city has not been listed companies have achieved positive growth. Jiangyin agricultural firms in the 5 listed commercial bank profit landslide lightest, 2015 net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was 814 million yuan, representing a decrease of 0.42% over the previous year. The report shows, net profit of Wuxi rural commercial bank and Wujiang rural commercial bank in 2015 attributable to shareholders of the parent company were reduced by 9.97%, 21.27%.

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