What is the fear that prevents you from taking the initiative

early on, you say to everyone around you: I want to start a business. But after a long time, you have not taken the pace of entrepreneurship, what makes you dare not venture it? Today, we are going to see what people do not dare to step up the pace of fear.

1. fear of lack of money

entrepreneurs hang back concerns is as follows – student loans, want to maintain a decent way of life, hope to live in a big city (do not want to go to the two or three line of the city), or do not want in a big city with simple office. Many people worry that they will be in debt, worried that there is not enough cash flow, worried about not living in big cities.

2. fear of their ability

sure every occupation of the adventure with the possibility of failure. No one would like to take the initiative to face the fact that their lack of ability.

3. fear of their leadership

4. fear of other people’s perceptions of

this involves the occupation reputation problem. Some people tried several times to do poineering work, but all ended in failure, if they are always in a big company work hard, perhaps now is a great success. Everyone has the right to choose their own life, so for these people, we should encourage more.

in front of others, you may do so, but in fact behind, people see the vision of entrepreneurs is more complicated, with respect, concern, sympathy, also have doubts. No one can predict an entrepreneur in the future, maybe he was a late bloomer? You’ll never guess. So this fear has led many people to take risks.

5. fear of others questioned

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