Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Henan the longest 5 years of entrepreneurial positions r

in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial research, Henan has a new policy, at the moment, Henan innovation and entrepreneurship policy is getting better and better. Henan scientific research personnel to retain the maximum position of 5 years, the continuous calculation of seniority, to ensure that the interests of the scientific research staff, I believe more researchers are willing to achieve entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich!

in not related to national defense, national security, national interests, major social and public interests, the province of universities and research institutes can decide on its holdings of scientific and technological achievements through transfer, licensing, the price of shares and other ways to carry out transformation activities. Institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes can be transferred to the invention of the results of 50% of the proceeds, the highest of 100% for the award of scientific research personnel, key technical personnel and other important contributors and team.



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