How to maintain the customer base

customers can be said to be the basis of the existence of a store, so, no matter what kind of shop, should maintain good customer, this is the basis for long-term operation of the store. In a word, cigarette and liquor vendor as a terminal, especially the increasingly cold industry environment, increasingly difficult to live, the next few years will shut down a number of the cigarette and liquor vendor, but this difficult period, and there will be more open shop in the terminal, it is now familiar with the maintenance of good customer groups, through the difficult period for the future lay a foundation to the.

Facing the crisis of

cigarette and liquor vendor, very embarrassed, a serious decline in the high-end passenger flow, information explosion height, now policy highly unfavorable, the customer is unable to maintain the market price transparency, online shopping, price transparency, all customers are impossible to guard against greed, heavy righteousness, justice is not only the heavy duty, pay attention to the face. Word of mouth. So, not so much as maintenance, it is better to defend, stick to your integrity, and the relationship between customers, not a moment, but let customers deeply rooted in trust you.

smoke the essence of the hotel to expand, is empathy, so that customers get real benefits and help. Selfless altruism, is the key of their own achievements, who are not stupid, really care about real help, the customer is the most. In good faith, to do the first man, the road is also a way to operate, although the profit is our ultimate goal, but we must do good faith management, according to law, standardized management. Must resolutely resist the smuggling of cigarettes, genuine goods at a fair price, but also really smoke, business, and customer sincere friends, business integrity only, the customer was willing to come. Otherwise, it will not only affect the reputation and image of the hotel, but also may lose the qualification of cigarette retail management.

now smoke Hotel, the original sales channels have basically broken a large part of the design of new consumer groups and looking for potential customers, is the biggest core of smoke hotel. Customer groups, must be familiar with their own hi evil, not in the face. To treat customers, as the saying goes, the first kind Friendliness is conducive to business success. "enthusiasm, to customers, regardless of business size, turnover or not, to smile, to be good at communication, speech properly, the development of new customers into the old customers, old customers to upgrade to become friends, the accumulation of a stable source for yourself.

purchase, sales, inventory must be clear, to make their own handy, in an invincible position. People rely on clothes horse saddle, cigarette business also need to bring creative, to retailers on the shop for a reasonable layout, highlighting the image of low tar cigarette sales, brand, good sales of cigarettes, cultivate new brands on display to the orderly, eye-catching appearance, convenient to the customer, cordial and natural feeling create a, can attract the attention of customers of the store. At the same time to seriously implement the price tag, the sale of cigarettes and sweep yards membership reward points, a cigarette and liquor vendor in the minds of customers professional and credibility, establish their own brand image.

in fact, any one of the shops want to

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