How to open up information sharing platform in Meishan

in the process of economic development, the reception of external information, can effectively keep up with the pace of development of the times, to promote their own development! This time, in order to change the status quo of Meishan’s poor information, the relevant measures have been taken. So, how to get through the information sharing platform in Meishan? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

public security organs have a set of Skynet, the urban management department and a set of monitoring system…… Various departments to establish their own information platform is the current model, and in Meishan, there are 19 such industry application platform. Because there is no connection between the platforms, like an information island".

6 month 30 days, reporters from the Meishan Municipal Committee was informed by letter, the city recently issued the "construction project of large data center in Meishan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the establishment of large data center coverage in the city will be in accordance with the "mechanism of enterprise investment, government support, business operations, industry linkage", trying to get through the current the "information island".

"this is a broader vision, deeper thinking process." The City Commission by letter, deputy director of Ho Jian said, from the beginning of 2012, Meishan is in the exploration of the construction of digital Meishan · wisdom Meishan project, in 2013 launched a top-level planning, and through government procurement of services, the construction and operation of digital archives, urban management, public health and other 19 industry application platform.

, such as friends dating dinner, by logging in digital Meishan geographic information platform, the phone will automatically show the shortest path to the place to eat." "But as the leading sector research, we also found some problems." He Jian said, the industry application platform without mutual connectivity, a wide range of input hardware facilities, the annual municipal departments IT equipment investment and operating costs are tens of millions of dollars. On the other hand, the information is not familiar with each platform.

for example, urban management departments need to check some information of the scope of monitoring blind spots need special request for assistance to the public security organs retrieved, very troublesome." "The construction of digital communication system connecting the information platform in Meishan is an urgent need to develop." He Jian admits. To this end, in September last year, Meishan, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to study large data centers.

in accordance with the "plan", Meishan intends to build industrial park as the carrier, the large data center (i.e., cloud computing and information resources management center) based e-government application platform, public service platform for integration, economic integration operation management service platform and the city’s comprehensive platform for supporting "a garden center four platform, to provide for multi domain service based smart government, digital urban management, comprehensive emergency, safe city, intelligent transportation, smart people etc.. Among them, the application of e-government first, step by step. At the same time, recommended

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