Survival is the first element of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is not as simple as we imagine, entrepreneurial success is also experienced a lot of hardships, through continuous exploration, continuous summary, it was successful, so it is not easy to succeed. But a lot of people have forgotten what is the first element of entrepreneurship, in fact, is to survive, no survival, but also talk about what the ideal, what to start with. Next, share a story with you.

is an arithmetic problem, one hundred thousand enterprises profit one billion, tens of thousands of enterprises profit millions, tens of millions of people in the profits of tens of millions, millions of millions of corporate profits, corporate profits on ten one hundred thousand, one creates profits as a few million.

is known as the "father of Russian Literature" Alexander · Sergeyevich · Pushkin wrote a "Fisherman and goldfish": the story of the old man and wife son live in the sea mud old house, the old man fishing, wife son spinning "line to do housework. One day the old man to a goldfish, goldfish to meet the old man’s desire to ransom. The first wife left the old man to a tub, a minor second house, the third wife become lady, fourth wife become queen, the fifth wife to do the sea king, no goldfish meet her, they went back to the old mud house.

to wife son strong, strict management, good management, good at calculating, the old man could not obey, no action, no effort, no pains, but hit a lifetime of fish, old and still can only survive — why?

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