Gome online integration Kuba investment into labor division

with the United States online Kuba integration curtain open, "illegal layoffs, to become the company’s Kuba" keywords. What happened in the United States online in the past few months? These problems can be avoided? Transformation for the POP platform (to attract third party merchants settled open platform) the future can find a slim chance of survival Kuba


cuts for secure profits this year

One of the

left for Chen Xiao’s legacy, Bowser’s fate has been lingering in the minds of the United States management problem. Tasteless gesture. read more

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Tmall shop score indicators change 3 delivery logistics merger


] July 30th news billion state power network, Tmall mall changed the "Tmall rule" in June 9th, the store ratings indicators in the delivery speed and the speed of logistics "cancel, increase" logistics services". Since July 29th, this rule change has taken effect.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall stores in the past, standard for evaluation consists of four items: description, service attitude, delivery speed, the speed of logistics; rules after the change, the standard for evaluation has three items: description, service, logistics service. read more

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Following the May 25th

news, and music as sports "super" IP successfully launch eco-beer Groot (Gloryt), the network network on like a raging fire in the Champions League final, La Liga giants success realignment not only the success of fans stimulate the excitement, also let the sports network network IP anti heating up again.

last night, by holding up search music as sports football "hosted by the Spanish football night reception ushered in the La Liga union president Javier Tebas and the Spanish League delegation famous a pedestrian, to celebrate the Royal, La Liga giants Atletico successfully meet UEFA Champions League final. read more

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Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) in F group and high friend after the merger, the industry generally believe that the group purchase industry will continue to integrate, and did not want to trade two degrees of mergers and acquisitions has been traced to temporarily stranded. According to informed sources, ranked the top ten rice network group purchase and handle network due to the valuation of mergers and acquisitions and equity allocation negotiations failed, however, the industry is concerned, handle network in Anhui province regional land collective team switched to glutinous rice nets, the industry believes that mergers and acquisitions or disguised incorporation. read more

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Shenzhen shop relaxed access conditions or will have electronic identity card

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Zhang Wei Intern / Liao Shaomin) "Shenzhen will strive to foster e-commerce market, broaden access conditions; the traditional market model will introduce the electronic commerce mode, the formation of new market format……" Yesterday, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and administration on the promotion of the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce market in Shenzhen, a number of opinions (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) and the company held a seminar to seek the recommendations of the parties. The "opinion" after revision, will be formally introduced in the first half of next year, will be the Shenzhen e-commerce market formally introduced from disorderly and orderly development, from business access, transaction security, the integrity of the market, consumer rights and other aspects to promote the benign development into the fast track. At the same time, the electronic commerce for the issuance of electronic name card, electronic license and domain name (or IP address) and filing system, improve the operation of the main electronic commerce identity identification; be online publicity to the main business of electronic commerce basic information and credit information, strengthen the security of online transactions. read more

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The United States online can boil Wong Kwong Yu back to the day

[Abstract] this year, Gome has been in the state of error correction. At the end of last year, Gome online and finally off Kuba, ended two business platform wonderful history; the first half of this year to create O2M full channel retailer "; and recently in build 8.3 men’s day, increase the degree of concern. All the signs indicate that the United States, this is the real thing in business.

since Chen Xiao event, the United States in setting the basic state, how to ensure that the existing mechanism of channel maximum benefit is the focus of the work of the group of the United states. read more

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Seven tips for managing Taobao

according to my own experience and some of my friends in the actual combat, summed up the following seven tips: (if there is something wrong, please correct me)

1 if your shop is just opened, so we started from the familiar friends and classmates start to their propaganda, here to shop for example, now around the classmates and friends of Lining, Anta, PEAK shoes demand is large, and there is genuine, the price advantage of online, as long as quality assurance and thoughtful service (including customer service), they will buy it. We do a good job, they will help me publicity, I now also accumulated a number of customers, which is a good condition to open the market. read more

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Analysis do electricity supplier operators need to comply with four tips

many people feel like some e-commerce sites for feeling, increase the turnover rate compared with. However, there are some skills, combined with their own experience, and we exchange, in their own plant after planting, so that more rabbits hit.

first, do a good job site

First of all,

should do their own website, so that their website to allow consumers to trust. It takes a little hard work. First of all, their own site to have a more reliable security payment system, to ensure the absolute safety of consumers. Whether or not to build their own professional website construction company to do, to ensure that their web site enough hard". read more

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Alibaba O2O made Festival dream earlier

last year, the 3.8 life festival, power consumption

: great in strength and impetus

last year, Alibaba invited popular Korean star Lee Min Ho, crazy propaganda, everywhere 3.8 life festival advertising, the advertising is mainly concentrated in the "restaurant" KTV 62% off ", singing 3.8 yuan, 3.8 yuan tickets, and retail to continue cooperation" and "phone exclusive price" this several parts. The fourth part is "O2O", the fifth part is pushing mobile terminal entrance O2O, Alibaba’s important products of Tmall, Taobao, the acquisition of high moral map and soon across the board to participate in. read more

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Gong Yuguo looking for Com growth points

Gong Yuguo is one of the earliest Internet Co operators. In 1995, he joined the new information technology Co., Ltd. Beijing pen. Two years later, the company opened the ChinaByte website, it is the first to the original IT news site, is the first commercial website. Gong Yuguo, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, executive general manager, has been the general manager, he led the ChinaByte was the highest single page advertising revenue Internet Co. After that, he entered the IT168 site, improving the entire site architecture. His understanding and handling of the information is very profound, perhaps all thanks to his training in classical literature. read more

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High frequency O2O niche Jiezhuang fight is the strategic vision and market patience

this year, home improvement O2O very hot, home improvement O2O is also very cold. Hot is the people, now there are more and more companies scrambling to participate in the O2O market to explore the home improvement, cold is the market, it seems that the home improvement market itself did not make a positive market feedback O2O. The market is merciless and exciting easy cold, in a time around the wall decoration O2O winter four, actually home improvement O2O have been in the ice age, just before the expectations are too high. read more

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B2C website competition war, continue to expand in 2012, the year of the Dragon Spring Festival shortly after staged a wonderful pinch.

there is no smoke in the competition, the core of the debate is the current Internet users are very concerned about the price. The fuse is a scouring network recently released "2011 quarter full network B2C business commodity price index", the index shows that the Jingdong store led B2C commodity prices, rose to 5%~15%. In this regard, Jingdong mall issued a counter attack, stressed that the price of 15% pure suicide". Dangdang Li Guoqing also pointed out that micro-blog mall mall price higher than dangdang. Subsequently, a Amoy network to respond to Jingdong, said statistics from the system crawl, non-human manipulation. read more

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional brands and Amoy brand

A traditional brand business has nearly a year’s time I entered the

, recently after a small meeting, the author summarizes the superiority and inferiority between traditional brand and Amoy brand, found that the two are not absolute advantages and disadvantages, is due to the different location.

relative to traditional brand Amoy brand, reputation in a louder, many consumers choose brands are used by the traditional media advertisement, it is easier to accept online products, higher awareness. So the premium will be higher. The author of the store’s gross profit margin will be higher Amoy brand, the same product, competitors may be only 20%, while the traditional brand has reached more than 35%. Therefore, it also determines the location of the Amoy brand is to take the amount of the main. For example, a explosion of from two to 12 to start selling, just two months sales reached 3000, and after the explosion of data analysis, although in sales faster, but a single product gross margin is less than 10%, is indeed very difficult. In other words, the high price of traditional brands, high gross profit margin, but the amount is relatively small, while the Amoy brand customer price slightly lower gross margin is low, the amount is relatively large. read more

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On site construction business

According to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) of the "Twelfth China Internet development survey report" shows that as of July 2003, there are 473900 websites in our country; and in 2001 and 2002 report, China’s number of Web sites were 242739 and 293213. From the statistical data we can see that, after experiencing the baptism of the Internet bubble economy in 2000, the number of corporate websites is steadily, rapid growth, especially in the last year, the growth rate of up to 60%. Thus, the website construction business in the continuous development of the industry market is huge, but there are more and more network companies to participate in the market competition, we all want to share a cup of soup.

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review] "shop is equivalent to another store, just 24 hours, location and the store makes no difference."

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on June 6th

Suning announced

days before, from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with suning.com, which is an important step in Suning operation mode of O2O.

How to achieve the same price

line? Investors and suppliers is approved? The line will affect the price of Maori? In June 5th, Suning held a media communication strategy, the price of Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin, Su ningyun President Kim Ming Suning senior detailed line. read more

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Double 11 single day sales review over the past 5 years doubled by 700 times

Alibaba after the listing of the first double 11, is destined to be an extraordinary double 11, and this year, double the number of sales will be reached on the day of the nature is highly lively topic of the year 11. The day before, Tmall President Wang Yulei said, for sales this year, don’t predict the specific figures, but can be sure: "more than 35 billion yuan is certainly not a problem."

from 50 million yuan in 2009 to $35 billion in 2013, no matter who can not deny that the impact of the double electricity supplier industry to bring the 11, along with these figures, was left in the history of the electricity supplier. read more

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Only the scholar network can save students

The new

Chinese has been established for 60 years, oppression and exploitation of the phenomenon still exists, are becoming more and more serious. It is worthy of our students, this is a very sad situation, teacher apprentice is a revered occupation, but in the modern, but so many people ruined Tanliwangyi activities, students cheated, squeezed the example in the name of division title, meet the eye everywhere, for famous brand, the students never, after his money into the pockets of greed, but get a ridiculous promise, cry bitterly, but no one can help, it is perhaps the most students choose. read more

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What are the outstanding nternet startups from Shanghai

talk about China’s Internet giant, Beijing has Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Shenzhen Tencent, Guangzhou NetEase, Alibaba, Hangzhou…… Shanghai? Oh, a little thought of a big potato…… In the know about a "Shanghai what good Internet startups?" the answer, users generally believe that the economic strength of Beijing and Shanghai the Internet companies to be roughly the same, in terms of quantity and strength are less than Beijing some. Nevertheless, from the first wave of Internet China until now, Shanghai has a number of outstanding Internet enterprise, although some "decline", and even some fell, but has had an influence on a large number of Internet users, produced a number of Internet talent, or is the first subdivision industry…… These ten years of Internet enterprise "change" also can make people sigh, "the concept of history today", we know many stakeholders according to the answer to do a summary, so that this Shanghai Internet record prices of enterprises of more clearly presented in front of us: read more

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O2O is not only a new mode of production line trading is the kingly way

first introduced basic concepts of universal Baidu universal to everyone: O2O, O2O Online To Offline is offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. O2O there is no doubt that everyone is a hot bar, it is a new model, so that many sellers or businesses to see a broader business opportunities. read more

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Rookie network average daily processing package has reached 57 million

Sina Technology News January 24th evening news, Alibaba announced as of last December’s quarterly earnings. Reported that its big data platform rookie network order processing capacity continues to improve, the average daily processing package has reached 57 million. During the last 11 years, rookie help businesses and logistics partners to deal with the 657 million parcels.

as a big data platform, rookie network shows the growth of geometric series. The rookie alliance intelligent warehouse distribution network as an example, the day the next day can provide services in more than 1000 counties. During the last 11 years, more than five shipments within the next 100 million days, becoming China’s largest open warehouse distribution network. read more

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