Hospital brand marketing is not a short duration of time space fun QQ

said QQ space, presumably you are aware of this platform, QQ space and, almost all the properties of Tencent net friend, before can be classified in SNS marketing, and wrote several articles on SNS marketing article Sun Chen, if you are interested, can do some deep research and study. Today, Sun Chen is a among them, QQ space, QQ space hospital fun brand marketing is not a short duration of time under the shortcomings, can add my QQ exchange.

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How to let Baidu know promotion more effective

Why do

hospital network promotion will not give up Baidu know this platform I will not say, if there is no effect I think we won’t head squeezed gathers here. It is also because of the use of Baidu know do promotion by more and more people, the invalid garbage content more and more, Baidu is not a fool, certainly do not want their products are so mess up, so he has taken some measures to prevent deliberate promotion. For example, we often find new registered ID question is not successful, answer with URL submission failed, just submit a question will find missing, many successful quiz results after two weeks all have no, like these are all to Baidu know punishment. read more

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Website promotion method experience sharing Forum promotion

Forum promotion advantages:

1 can bring back high weight links;

2 because the target customer base is accurate, gathered, can bring more potential users:

Forum promotion shortcomings:

1 post limit direct export link;

2 post ID forum to promote easy sealing; we can not blindly, to find the first one forum gas Wang, then find the most interested in the topic, and then give a reason, let these people to browse the content on your site. There is also speculation to mean. Not just to post in the forum. This will only make time. read more

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Build marketing team is the way out of e commerce

recently, I received many telephone network company salesman, mainly to sell their business, do network promotion to help small and medium enterprises, such as SEO optimization, Baidu snapshots, keyword ranking, paid advertising and so on. As a result, some of my thinking has been raised: where is the direction of e-commerce for SMEs?

with the development of the electricity supplier is more and more mature, the market with a large number of small and large network services, and help enterprises to do some promotion, help enterprises to do some SEO optimization, and help enterprises to do marketing planning. In a word, it makes me feel like a mess. Many small and medium enterprises in the past did not look at the electricity supplier, but over time, more and more traditional small and medium enterprises began to focus on the development of network marketing this piece of. This has long been a lot of network service company’s survival and development space, at the same time, also caused a lot of problems: because they do almost all low-end services, so the competition is fierce, often play price war. The results of many of these services were more and more bad. read more

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1 million of the value of the house why developers sell only 100 thousand

has heard of such a story, a real estate developer to sell the house, but this year the market we are not optimistic, it is off-season, so a large number of houses sold, so he went to see the expert advice, all the houses were he sold, and he went to the appropriate the price just to sell the house to rent out. Read this, you might think, what makes what ah, how to hear foggy? How could there be such a thing?

Oh, don’t worry, please allow me to say. The specific strategy is such that each set of house developers to sell, the average turnover to 1 million dollars, but his claim is this: 1 million of the house, now as long as a one-time payment of 100 thousand, the house is yours. However, you need to turn the house I rent, in a 10 year period, in the past 10 years, I come to collect the rent of the house, 10 years after the lease ended, the house is completely yours. read more

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How to make the site access to break through the bottleneck

first, of course, is to focus on content pull. Content not only to the original, but also to the new, that is, keep up with the trend. Because the hot topic is the eternal theme, we have to take a lot of download stations, but now, the new download station is still emerging. So long as you have always will have you fixed the visitors, but if you build it flat and tasteless, the same download station, what other people here? So we do popular websites must be more careful when major news, such as recent pornographic and violent events, close attention the topic, look at the top fifty websites, which now know what users want to see, these are all good material, taking the successful experience of others, their own independent opinion and ideas with them, fully integrated with your "home", as a result, you the site will be out of the ordinary, with appropriate promotion, your site must have counter. read more

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2013 medical SEO how to optimize

since entering the medical SEO industry, it was found that the medical industry is not so good. Since 2012, Baidu began a serious blow to the medical station, the owners had to raise vigilance on the. Now speaking of medical optimization, had to let a lot of peers have a headache, in the past year we have suffered a heavy blow, try a variety of methods will be key words to the home page position. But Baidu’s update, so that large sites lie in the gun, a serious blow to the enthusiasm of the webmaster! read more

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How to easily play viral marketing

to the Yin Cong believe about viral marketing, everyone will like me excited. First it has spread particularly strong, just like a virus is get in by every opening. Second it is highly aggressive, allowing users to accept it in the course of the unconscious and become a source of transmission of the virus. The word about viral marketing, to Yin Cong often think of once popular on both sides of the Changjiang River MLM organization. In fact, this type of MLM marketing concept with viral marketing is simply wonderful have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. The difference is similar to pyramid schemes focus on more is to expand the organization like, but focus on viral marketing is created in the form of expression of the. However, the common nature of both is to maximize the effect. read more

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Brand marketing of enterprises

In 2012

"supplier development so rapidly, many small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand the scale, to marketing their own brands, many companies rely on traditional SEO to achieve profitability for many years, by the middle of this year, adjust the search engine of SEO attitude leads to the traditional SEO technology has been unable to bring benefits for the enterprise and many enterprises are actively seeking a breakthrough, I think if you rely on the bucket optimization technology to achieve profitability has no reality, to the development of enterprises must learn marketing brand, which is SEO a higher level requirement, namely SEM. read more

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How to become a network marketing director for three years

to introduce myself, I am in the network marketing business for more than three years, is now the director of a network marketing company. In the view of some Daniel, three years to do marketing director positions may not be anything, but this article is not written to them, is written for those who like me and the general marketing people look at. Today to share their own experience in this area, to those who have just entered the marketing experience of some new people.

identify market approved targets read more

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Look at the grassroots marketing micro blog era has still to accumulate steadily

has a line called "eat much, dream much, chew up or have a good reason. So when it comes to the concept of marketing, the truth is the same. Marketing is the need to be born in his body as the basis of activities, or rely on a large group of activities, with the support of these factors, marketing activities can be carried out smoothly. That is to say the amount of your container marketing platform what determines your marketing stage size, fully tap just a program to do good, can not conceal its weakness in the whole, the positive reaction of the situation of micro-blog marketing at present. The following micro-blog marketing, it is the biggest problem is the problem of marketing capacity, and I also share some of their own views on this. read more

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Examples of how to use the Olympic Games Dongfeng micro blog marketing

Because micro-blog

achieved great success in foreign countries, in 09 years the social system into the domestic attracted many domestic Internet heavyweights compete, there are several famous micro-blog platform, do the most successful number of sina micro-blog. With the development of micro-blog, followed by the rise of micro-blog marketing. Because micro-blog marketing is still a relatively young means of marketing, many companies are feeling the stones across the river to explore micro-blog marketing. I also have a business for some time, the following author through an example of how to use the Olympic Games to micro-blog’s marketing model micro-blog. read more

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Today have you been brainwashed by today’s headlines

and so on the elevator, look at today’s headlines!

go to work on Monday, look at today’s headlines!

go to work on Tuesday, look at today’s headlines!

go to work early, look at today’s headlines!

work late for what, see today’s headlines!

today on the way to work, see today’s headlines!

how unhappy today, see today’s headlines!

how unhappy today, see today’s headlines!


the two days no matter where I go, you can see the advertising headlines today, it is Shuabing rhythm, make a lot of people have been brainwashed, that night to go home and ask my girlfriend to do the evening meal, a look at today’s headlines. read more

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Duo Jianong founder of Zen cicadas tell you how the derivative day into a million

I’m a mask."

The first sentence of

and the cicada Zen meet later, will be able to appreciate the Shandong Han cordial, frank, frank.

background: Gorgeous enough cicada Zen 80, 02 years to start empty-handed, opened the first mobile phone shop in the west gate of University of Jinan for 03 years, second mobile phone retail stores opened, created in September the first mobile phone wholesale company. 06 years in March to create a total of second mobile phone wholesale company, in June, the establishment of cultural media company, the communications industry DM publishing, friends online online, on September, the first machine network opened. The creation of 10 Shandong Tianxin Agel Ecommerce Ltd, focused on Internet, its 6 Tmall mall. In March 13, the autobiography "by" Zen Chan start empty-handed Xinhua press officially published, May 2013, reprinted. 14 years in the mobile Internet, strong brand founder duo jia. read more

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What are the hottest startups in 2014

survival or destruction, this is a problem!

1 human resource cloud services: Zenefits

Zenefits was founded in June 2013, 12 members of the team, set up after 5 months will get the seed round of financing, raised $2 million 100 thousand, the main investment for the Venrock and Maverick Capital, Horowitz, Andreessen with the cast party is Milner Yuri.

the company is mainly for the enterprise market, to help SMEs in the cloud management staff, including staff entry procedures, payroll, insurance and other matters. Basic services for businesses free of charge, through the insurance company to sell the insurance business to earn commission. read more

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How to do business network marketing

how to do a good job in enterprise network marketing, which is a lot of network marketing companies are very concerned about the issue. But many enterprises only see others success blindly, not make network marketing plan for their own business began to network marketing, it is taboo to do network marketing.

a business to be successful in network marketing, the following nine conditions must be avoided:

1, did not develop a network marketing plan began blind network marketing

first of all enterprises should have a correct understanding of the network marketing, network marketing is a systematic project, involving many aspects, combined with the actual situation of their own needs analysis, make a thorough scientific plan, in order to achieve success. Instead of listening to the media propaganda, friends or other people excited not to blindly start planning the production site, publish information, into the network promotion, which will ultimately end in failure. read more

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Restore the real micro blog marketing

always wanted to write about the micro-blog marketing content, in 2012 November, I met 18 Internet practitioners, we decided to do such a thing, then we each division, assigned three micro-blog account, then the nearly 60 accounts for as long as 10 days of data tracking, and the data tracking results are analyzed, so this series of articles, to restore the true micro-blog marketing. The reason for such a problem, because we found that many people understand the micro-blog marketing is biased.

to restore the real micro-blog Marketing – 18 Internet practitioners data tracking results for 10 days (I) read more

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Product into small my website promotion method

                  contact network for many years, experienced from the initial QQ to chat, watch movies, read news, write some text submitted to the literary website to the end to the literary community and BBS forum and the master Paizhuan melee. On the Internet so mix three years also mixed to many famous BBS owner status, but also more than a year of editing in the literature website. Last year, the withdrawal of the network of rivers and lakes and the idea of a netizen in Chengdu that you are in the network service years melee in someone else’s position, to fight to kill eventually is to mix a small officer in others position (Ban Zhu). Now that there is the idea of retirement is not as set up their own one of their positions (a site), experience watching others in their melee positions on the feeling behind the scenes. Listen to the words of a netizen in Chengdu, I feel very reasonable, but I have not done the site, in the construction site in this area less knowledge. Chengdu friends say you will not start from the most simple to learn ah. So I do learn to read, and finally in this month made a simple website (, with almost hao123. read more

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KEA is how to tell a good story with video

video is one of IKEA’s core content marketing methods.

Alia Kemet told the company to show itself in the real picture, not just to the customer. When she first came to work at IKEA, she set a goal to expand information by telling a story that is more powerful than commercial advertising.

in order to make full use of the power of video, Alia created the project is mainly concerned about the customer itself, as well as challenges to their interior design. Tell the story of IKEA in an interesting, educational and inspiring way. They also carried out a series of market segments, from adults to seniors, to college students, or to single people, to build their first home, or even businesses. read more

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Website promotion must not know five key steps

To search the Internet, the website to promote the study of a lot of information, many of which are effective ways to promote. In fact, although the construction of e-commerce and enterprise website promotion method, but these methods will always be the promotion of the.

here, after a previous learning experience and their gradual exploration experiment, summed up the five key steps of e-commerce website promotion can not know, for your reference, as follows.

Analysis of

site analysis: to analyze the website itself, aim is to find the problem based website;

website read more

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