How to lead the team members on the nternet to build a higher level

has many webmaster especially roots webmaster, technical ability is very strong, so they fire, when the early start of the booming, website development is also good, but with the development of the website is more and more, the newborn blood enriched into the team, when the development of the Internet from the original one into a team fighting, but not before successfully found the cause of development, a lot of things are always not satisfactory. Some owners think or sum of people inside the team do you think is not the same, regardless of quality or efficiency that can not hit their own requirements, and if things to other members of the team to do better to complete their own webmaster. For a long time the formation of a strange phenomenon. Webmaster busy awfully, but team members do not know what to do, the website development naturally as can be imagined. read more

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The three carriages together and force the cat Ning 418 gameplay exposure

every year in April is the annual consumption season, the first half of this year than the 418 most popular shopping carnival. At the end of March, announced that Tmall will jointly build a home appliance 3C "double eleven" – New Buy 418, as the first comprehensive joint operations between the two sides, "New Buy418" in the end how to play, what are the highlights, and will bring a new experience for how consumers, lead to social concerns.

on the afternoon of April 6th, responsible for online, offline, Suning Tmall Project Department of three Suning executives interviewed by the media, for the first time revealed to the outside world, the New Buy 418 specific gameplay. read more

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CNNC can’t let CN domain crash

2008 prices directly affect the future of.Cn domain name and the future of Chinese.Cn. Of course, if the 2008.Cn domain name renewals price is 1 yuan would take what agents at all levels to support themselves, the final price of rice farmers renewals at least 3-5 yuan. Suddenly think of at the beginning of this year, CNNIC 1 yuan before engaging in the online survey, the price of Chinese Internet users can accept the CN price, most choose 3-5 yuan. So, I imagine, 2008 CN domain name renewals price is 1 yuan, the agent for some more, the final price is likely to be 3-5 yuan, don’t blame me not. read more

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The primary problem of the 10000 CEO Yang Guojian about the entities most painful

recently, the 10000 network CEO Yang Guojian entity enterprise survival situation and how to solve the problems faced by business entities expressed their views.

he said that none of the companies fail because of production and supply can not keep up, only the product sales do not go out and shut down. Enterprises from R & D to sales of a product to the hands of users after one hundred and eight thousand, every link is a challenge, every step requires a lot of external and internal resources to support a ridge only themselves, part of a flawed may be wasted, those who do business really great, how to decrease the 10000 entrepreneurs burden is to solve the problem. So the most important problem is how the real estate enterprises to sell products. The primary problem of product sales is the user where? 10000 network can provide you with your concern, of course, the 10000 just give you the tools, you must cooperate with the solution of chains. read more

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B2B e commerce calls for a new service model

Internet era already exceeds that of Moore’s law as defined in the category, which is not only reflected in the concept of the update, and more is the great changes caused by the new concept with the actual value of the concept and behavior mode. A few years ago we thought a good domain name may create great value to a website, but later we found that general users can rely on brain memory to domain name more than 10, usually around 7, which fits in Dr. Miller’s memory test. If so, the world’s most valuable domain will not exceed 50, that how we look forward to the value created by the domain name? And with the search engine technology, the value of the domain name will become increasingly weakened, because as long as people remember the name of the web site or description can easily enter the site through the engine. And these memory than the memory of some unrelated strings easier. read more

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Double 12 love in the end Suning Appliance preheating love section

[original] HEA home network in November 29th 29, reporters from Suning Appliance network all over the country to see the official micro-blog official blog, head of Suning Appliance and local institutions have been changed into the most love 12 patterns and marked theme activities as "Su Ningai shopping festival".

, according to the relevant sources said Suning, the purchase of love festival is Suning will soon be on the line in December 12th 12 double a love in the end, a large promotional logo logo. read more

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58 city double eleven running upgrade to recruiting and logistics providers

do not know when, in November 11th became a lively day than the holiday, just like a pair of Internet electricity providers and online shopping family Carnival together. With the double eleven promotion in recent years, the electricity supplier sales surge, pots filled with more than, but also exacerbated the competition between the electricity supplier. Although the distance from the "double eleven" and a period of time, but the network has four gunsmoke, from Ali blocked a major electricity supplier double 11 trademark rights to the Jingdong issued a public letter response, will also be the war between previous electricity supplier to face the climax and running. read more

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Expired prepaid card into the electricity supplier additional revenue

with the popularity of online shopping, electricity providers prepaid cards have become the most frequently used prepaid card products. Many consumers do not know is that these prepaid electricity supplier, mostly set up the use of the term". The expired prepaid card, if in accordance with the rules of business, for example in a certain period after the time limit expired, can apply for "deferred", if overdue at the same time, another electricity supplier provides application for extension period is completely invalid. read more

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The new darling

2010 consumer group purchase is not. According to the relevant report shows that the domestic buy site has reached more than 6 thousand. Buy site services, integrity of the business to create, will be the future goal of the group buying site.

The current

group purchase scene highlights, however, it is worth mentioning that the group purchase to open up a new way to stimulate domestic demand, especially those can stimulate consumer demand was not essential. A lot of demand is out of thin air, because some consumers can not help but temptation is awfully busy, confirms the group purchase website in stimulating domestic demand does not. read more

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Domain registration techniques

domain name value assessment should pay attention to things

      recently I found that there are a lot of friends in this post, ask yourself how the value of the domain name. However, it is difficult for us to give a clear answer, so I hope you send this kind of posts should be self explanatory.

1, you have to use the domain name is to invest in the hope of selling, or intend to use their own.

      if you are going to use the domain name on your own, there is no need to waste our time for evaluation. Use their own domain name as long as the short record, the value of the domain name is to rely on your site to foil. read more

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Micro Amoy account was reselling valid forced to shrink to 30 days

news July 11th, Taobao wireless micro Amoy official disclosure, inside the stage, the applicant appear "cheat" an invite code, resale profit. To this end, the official micro Amoy, Amoy micro beta invitation code is valid for 30 days, overdue registration is cancelled.

According to the relevant provisions of the

micro Amoy account operators, because of their own reasons, not timely registration invitation code caused by failure, need to get the application process.

micro Amoy pointed out that the micro Amoy product is being perfected, in the micro Amoy beta by invitation code to achieve. The purpose of the invitation code selected high-quality operators involved in online platform tonality, assist to collect product problems and optimize business model. read more

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is often seen in the forum and QQ group in the population if the river in a continuous line their own domain name how good, how much of the value of money, or even just registered a few hours, the bed doesn’t cover your warm, couldn’t sell a good price……

however, domain name investment impulse is the devil! "Only people laugh, who hear old people cry, the domain name two words – hard" I put "new butterfly dream" lyrics for this adaptation, do you mind? read more

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for those unscrupulous merchants, online shopping platform should be timely shot punish, industry and commerce, law enforcement departments should strictly enforce the law, consumers should dare to claim their rights and jointly promote the online shopping atmosphere evaluation objectively


, who lives in Shaanxi, Xi’an Ding teacher spent 1400 yuan on the net to buy a bed, bought a light assembly took a day to spend time on the. In addition to bed legs loose, as well as the wood material is too poor, under Mr. Ding a gave Taobao the seller a bad review, can not think of the poor can bring him tired. Ding said: after the end of the poor, less than half an hour, SMS harassment began, kept sending me messages, sent 8294 text messages." ( read more

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New ideas on the construction and development of the rental website

with the development of e-commerce and online transactions better and better, more and more enterprises begin to build the site organize staff to carry out online business. The company also undertake website construction more and more, but because of the construction site is a one-time transaction, when the site is difficult to delivery after the deep level mining customer demand, shoe sky that can try to transition to the construction site rental website.

we analyze

from two aspects of enterprise and website construction company read more

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Do network marketing training liar

engage in online marketing training liar more recently, there are a lot of articles on the Internet to engage in marketing training, there are many swindlers, which pointed out that especially Wang XX. After I read their rebuttal, I have the following ideas. In fact, these ideas I have always wanted to write, but I have been back to today. I think my opinion is very neutral, absolutely no favoritism. If you think there’s no reason, you can leave a message.

1, I spent thousands of dollars to learn, what effect is not, it is a big liar. read more

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Step by step to teach novice to do SP

I do SP for a long time, although that is not a bird, but a little contact total experience, welcome Paizhuan! Would like to write what, because writing is not good, never to pick up the pen. Today just write to new, new hope to learn. Is dead, people are living, to use, to sum up the

share!The first step of

: first of all we have to buy space and domain names. In order to unnecessary trouble, if foreign space space domain, all false information, or with a foreign domain. The space to be stable and fast, does not limit the number of concurrent IIS, because the number of time to release traffic online very much, this is very important to start when the old because their own space is not stable, one can access all of a sudden it, wasting a lot of points. Speed also affects the visitors, if slow people suddenly closed. Find another read more

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Zhou Hongyi entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error to embrace change

"business is do not do to others, don’t do anything." The wind and rain, the road of entrepreneurship choice are facing a crossroads, decide on what path to follow every entrepreneur has become a concerned problem. This afternoon, the magazine Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and President Niu Wenwen "entrepreneurs" and entrepreneurs about the story of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience to share.

Zhou Hongyi said that the initial stage should pay attention to three points. The first is starting from the user, pay attention to the needs of users and not their own ideas, the second is to focus, focus the limited resources to find a breakthrough point, can not shop booth. The third is a small run, trial and error, the courage to try. Fourth low cost operation, low-key work. For the early start of the funding problems, Zhou Hongyi said, "the beginning of the funds needed to raise their own, you can also find friends and family business is not representative of angels, need a lot of money before they can begin, advice cost verification and try some ideas." read more

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Retail market competition calls for the advent of the nternet Era

business competition results in accurate marketing, reduce costs

wait for nearly one hundred or two hundred years the world commercial change rule, only simple is the most fundamental one — a new form of lower cost to provide more cost-effective products, pursued to obtain consumer currency vote, from the grocery stalls – department store and supermarket and hypermarket Shopping Center – free online shopping mall not a time to reduce consumers in the unit goods on time and monetary expenditure, so that the higher cost of goods to consumers, so that consumers more time value, the purchasing power of money more. read more

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Vip com’s main cross border electricity supplier is not prepared for the same double 11

"double 11" approach, as a special sale of electricity providers, to create a "different" global shopping spree. This "double 11", with the rise of cross-border online shopping hot, will be the main overseas featured five pavilion online at the same time, overseas buyers for the 100 million member selects the global explosion of the tip of goods.

five national pavilion duty-free

this year, registered members has exceeded 100 million, continue to maintain a leading edge in clothing, beauty, mother continued to force at the same time, the category also gradually expanded to home and tourism, and featured overseas this year as the strategic focus of development, this year will "double 11" as the main stage. read more

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All free will be the only way to open an independent shop platform

some time ago and a do e-commerce chat with friends, not natural said the website how to profit, his view is to continue to set threshold for users, allowing users to continue to pay, but my point is he and I advocate all draw further apart, service functions all open, so that the user can freely the entry, and if you do not involve too much manpower situation, as the whole free, so we tuomohengfei for a long time, finally he raised the white flag and the end.

is actually free persisted through the years to continue to explore their own summing up experience, first shop platform "my shop" when operating under shopex, their own ideas and above friends, I’ll let you free to come in, then I’ll set a bait, so you have to pay (I think you really silly), really the beginning of many shopkeepers rushed in, and the official website forum is a racket, but not every day is Sunday, about a year later, a volume slowly fell sharply, the forum also deserted lot, many shop owner name even even shop did not have hurried away, and never came back later, he and a few colleagues analyzed, all the data this year’s summary compilation, a final analysis. To conclude, many shopkeepers just have a good start, or just to say "I was interested in the shop before the threshold to my pride in the door, when I suddenly realized that this year I just want a variety of methods in wishful thinking taking the user’s purse, but ignored the most important user experience, so after this lesson, I began to think" I shop "as a warning for the future of how the future of the planning. read more

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