June 2017

Jilin girl hit female employment portfolio

women’s work in the new era not only need to continue to work hard on the rights, but also to help women achieve self-worth, career development. "Jilin girl" three big brands to help the local women’s employment and entrepreneurship, and comprehensively promote the construction of the cause of women in combination.

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Second hand package business opportunities to start a year to earn 500 million

women love all kinds of luxury goods, so the brand second-hand bags have a large market, and the vision of entrepreneurs saw the junk business in the infinite money force, seize the opportunity to get rich, and strive to earn more.

Vintage business can do much? Annual revenue of more than 500 million Hong Kong dollars, said the Milan station, the secondary market can also find the luxury of spring.

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July sales do have to understand several tips

now is scorching July, stores have sales in the positive, to the business of the shop can also like the sun like fire. So how should we do sales in July? Here are a few tips to shop operators reference to ensure that the tube.

1, not because of good performance in the first half and laissez faire

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Zigong smart city building large data center began to run

With the Internet plus

mobile era, our science and technology more and more developed, while shopping on the Internet, will be the big data monitoring, which can effectively infer what buyers need style, of course this is just one of the big data. September 6th, Zigong smart city big data center officially inaugurated and opened to run, marking the city’s wisdom to take substantial steps in urban construction. It is understood that the smart city big data center as a basic project of smart city construction in the city, based on "to promote the development of the application, based on growth, sustainable development, integration of the government cloud construction concept. read more

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What are the advantages of investment to join the Ashanti noodle

A lot of

nanowires to join investors interested in, by comparing many nanowires to join the brand after all have a first impression of A Xiang were joined, so small that a lot is all about "how to join A Xiang noodle" questions, this small make the following brief introduction.


nanowires Ashanti investment advantages

1. professional R & D team, for the snack food industry, the evolution of the national market and consumer trends have a deep understanding.

2. data integrity and transparency, each line is produced through standardized processes, greatly reducing the chance of error, to ensure that each line can make customers feel at ease to use. read more

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What are the advantages of fresh sushi

China’s economic globalization, making the country’s economic and cultural exchanges and friendly exchanges. Food and beverage industry is more obvious that the Japanese and Korean cuisine in China’s catering industry to occupy their own place. Sushi – traditional Japanese cuisine, the main material is to maintain the body temperature in the rice block with sushi vinegar flavor, plus fish, seafood, vegetables or egg as ingredients, its delicious taste, very popular with the Japanese people’s favorite. This delicacy is now in the country is especially popular for fresh sushi from the beginning of 1996, based on long-term, after 20 years of development, now is a good example of the development of the industry, compared with other brands for fresh sushi sushi, what are the advantages of joining read more

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Small meter store can also earn great wealth

speaking of kaimi shop, a grain store many people thought is perhaps the food inside the market, that can make money, people believe, but that make a lot of money, I am afraid not many people would believe. In fact, although the price of grain and oil stores may seem small, but these are the necessities of life, sales are very large. If the site in the right place, even if only the sale of rice, you can get a lot of profit.

speaking of kaimi shop, many people would first think of a long time ago somebody. Nowadays, rice store a lot of people, but the characteristics of the rice shops are not many, there are characteristics of modern business shop is less and less. Here to tell you a story: read more

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Jiangxi opened entrepreneurial service platform to boost Entrepreneurship

in the whole process of entrepreneurship, which has a good social entrepreneurship platform is particularly important, but now is still in an entrepreneurial era, many places are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

It is reported that the platform will be

, all types of market players do flow and dispersion of entrepreneurship policy incentives, together, provide one-stop full business consulting services for entrepreneurs. With the upcoming opening of the "Jiangxi province enterprise registration online parallel approval system", "Jiangxi province enterprise supervision warning system", to jointly build the Jiangxi province market "wide" and "strict control" and "supporting small" three drive mode, Jiangxi province has become the main market to stimulate vitality, maintain the normal order the market, support the market characteristics of the brand new force. read more

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The small town is a good project to get rich

with the continuous integration of urban and rural areas, urban and rural integration continues to increase, the deepening of the city to the county to the countryside, is becoming a new trend! With the continuous development of small towns, infrastructure is increasingly perfect, more and more like the city! The small town is the very rich project, which contains a wealth of business opportunities, let us go and see!

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What is the most critical step in the online shop

now more and more people shop online, but there are a lot of details to pay attention to online shop, there are many key steps to go. We all know that baby shelves time is critical, because it is directly related to their baby in front of the opportunity to debut, in the end how to row it?

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2014 what project to join a small series for you to introduce

entrepreneurship is now a lot of people, especially young people’s choice. So, 2014 to join what project? What is the most profitable? If you have such a question, then follow the small series together to find out the latest business opportunities in 2014!

2014   project to join what good books and magazines; />

2014   to join what project; />

2014 joined what project   mobile phone emergency charger

the product size, appearance and lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for 1.5 volt five batteries, can boost circuit this product unique internal settings, the voltage of 1.5 volts to 5.7 volts, can meet the mobile phone emergency charging use. read more

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Taste the beefsteak and exquisite life

modern people love to live a life of petty bourgeoisie, sipping wine, comfortable sitting on the sofa, looking out of the window in the sunset, with a delicate food dish, Zhuo Jue steak can give you such beautiful enjoyment, when you are on the brink of starvation, when you want to gobble down, to Zhuo Jue steak now, when you feel the street noise and you will come to the misfits, Zhuo Jue steak enjoy a quiet dinner! Join the elite steak, it is equivalent to the fine living standards, it is similar to the taste and fashion, if I have a large amount of money, I will choose to join the! read more

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What are the pros and cons of joining the food and beverage project

food and beverage industry’s popularity is self-evident, in our country, it is worthy of your choice of the catering industry, hunger breeds discontentment, the domestic food market is very hot, a lot of people see the unlimited business opportunities in which they want to join the food items, this is a very good idea, but everything there are two sides, here and we say to join the pros and cons of food items, give you a reference.

customer demand


industry is able to have a more prominent development prospect of most of the major or because the catering industry demand has been the industry’s advantage; every one has a more rigid demand for their daily diet, so if we are catering shops, in this respect, you do not need too worry, because no matter what time, basic passenger traffic compared to other stores have a unique advantage. read more

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What are the traditional customs

today is only once a year. The Qixi Festival Festival, countless lovers immersed in this romantic time, walking in the street, as if the air today is sweet, the Qixi Festival, not just the cowherd meeting, even thousands of lovers waiting for a romantic holiday.

in fact, very early in the morning, Tanabata Festival is derived from the worship of nature. The Tanabata Festival, a lot of traditional customs in modern times has gradually been forgotten, followed by the pace of small series, we look at the Tanabata Festival was forgotten those customs! read more

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What conditions should be required to open a clothing store

everyone wants to open a clothing store, in fact, you really have the conditions to open clothing store? Many franchisees on this issue is not a profound understanding of the whole, then look at the specific needs of the following conditions together with the small bar!

objective aspects:

first: there must be a certain amount of money to pay rent, renovation costs, labor costs, utilities and other

second: if you want to open your shop where, where there is a market, there are people, fewer competitors read more

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The latest wave of venture capital good ideas summary

everything is difficult at the beginning, the road of entrepreneurship is also the case, how to find a project, how to find business opportunities, so that everyone wants to start a business, want to get rich people worry. Now what are the good projects, which have good business opportunities? Here, the small series for you to bring the latest wave of the latest business ideas!

marriage "treatment" shop

modern marriage is becoming more and more fragile, such problems often appear in marriage. Instead I think all cannot but, do not want to go on the road of divorce. read more

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How to cultivate repeat customers

a shop if you can have more repeat customers, so that not only to simplify the operation of the store, but also allows operators to protect the profits. Therefore, for any one shop, repeat training is a very important thing. However, how to cultivate repeat customers shop? In fact, this is more concerned about the owner.

case introduction:

in a small town in the south, there is a young rice shop merchant, he is one of the town’s 10 meters, he always stay in the shop waiting for customers, business is not good. One day, he realized that he should be more concerned about the needs of urban residents, to understand their needs and expectations, rather than simply for those who come to the store to provide customers with rice. He believes that it is not just to provide the same services as other rice merchants, but should provide more residents. He decided to set up a record for the customer’s eating habits and buying cycle, and began to deliver goods to customers. read more

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What are the operating tips of children’s paradise

if it is just a shop, not the pursuit of results, such a business is naturally very easy. However, for the current number of operators, since the shop business, naturally hope to be successful. In the current competition is so fierce on the big market, such a business also needs to be able to grasp more entrepreneurial skills. So, what are the business secrets of children’s paradise? Let Xiaobian to explain for you.

in recent years, parent-child interaction is very hot, activities to let the parents involved, as far as possible to strengthen the interactive activities; the content must be unique, can let the child have a deep interest in the game, children can learn from aspects of reality show. Marketing strategy of equipment for children’s play equipment has a certain timeliness, generally about half a year, after this time period, the child will lose freshness on this device. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly update the children’s amusement equipment, leasing equipment or cooperation can be taken to achieve the continuous renewal of children’s paradise equipment, in order to enhance the attractiveness of the customer. read more

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Spring Festival special period of service quietly popular

a year even if no matter how busy, even side have no money, but to go home during the Spring Festival, has become the common aspiration of many Chinese, but it broke out a lot of problems, many people have raised a number of animal, plant, this time how to do? So the service began to hot up.

25 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster. read more

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in recent years, because of the reasons for the national policy, has been so many college students scrambling to embark on the entrepreneurial path, college students entrepreneurial tide to illuminate the fact that an indisputable college. This is not only an effective way to ease the employment pressure, but also a positive response to the national public entrepreneurship innovation policy. Entrepreneurship is one thing, however, success is another.

according to the relevant departments rough statistics, and now about 7 million college graduates each year, of which the proportion of independent entrepreneurs accounted for about 2% of the total. Coupled with previous graduates entrepreneurs, college students each year about 200 thousand people. A small number of "create" people are enthusiastic, in order to realize their dream of life, the courage to take the first step. read more

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