April 2017

Business should be grateful to competitors

has a competition, which makes the business more difficult, so many shopkeepers are very hate for competitors. However, at the turn of the year, a lot of people in the summary of a year of work and life, often on the support of family and friends thank you, but I think, don’t forget to thank the competitors.

since I ran the supermarket, I started competing with another supermarket in the village. In order to attract more customers, I try to ensure the quality of goods, improve service, for fear of a little relaxation, the customer was robbed of the supermarket. read more

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Four criteria for the selection of high quality shops

even the same brand, in different places of business may also have great differences, the location is always one of the important details, the shop location results are good and bad, good location is certainly to promote business investors better future bright, not good may be very detrimental to the site selection future business development, after all, need to rely on the market, said the four standard selection of quality shops.

Four criteria for the selection of

high quality store locations 1. Constitute read more

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Chuzhou a father son of drug report with tears

a lot of people know the harm of drugs, or by drugs, so it is important to stay away from drugs, cherish life. Recently in Chuzhou, because of unbearable addicted son often make special move, father to the public security organs for help, hope the police can help his son quit addiction, repent and start anew.

2 13 in the morning, an old man came to the police station erlangkou, just a door to pull the hand of the police and said: "the police comrades, help my son, he is now addicted to drugs, you quickly put him up quickly, so he quit addiction, otherwise, our family will be ruined!" while the police appease him, and asked him to sit down to understand the situation. read more

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Do a good job of display to attract customers

the same goods, some shops will be displayed in the above efforts, so that the shop looks very attractive, and some shopkeepers are to throw these goods everywhere, such a scene how to attract customers? "People rely on clothes horse saddle" this saying is not false, whether people or things, as long as you take care of it carefully clean up the aesthetic feeling is different.

So is the

retail outlets, for a very simple example, in the same street, if there is a shop, no matter from its external environment decoration, or its sign has its own characteristics will have a unique style, to attract more customers to sales. Once the customer into the store, store display is also very important, some of the novel and beautiful display, will urge customers to have a strong desire to buy. So, whether it is the store’s external environment or store display facilities, a retail store, has a pivotal role. read more

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Decorative building materials franchise business skills

decorative building materials stores operating mode but a lot of different businesses according to their own business practices in different ways. If you want to learn a lot of other people’s success skills can focus on the site of the relevant information, I hope you will help, and quickly learn to learn it!

familiar with and master some of the decorative building materials store location technology is able to maximize the profits of the novice to do more to see. Analysis of decorative building materials stores address selection in the lot number distribution, in parallel road sampling points for shop Distribution details the main survey of the main road, including the store classification records will fill the statistical statement of the main road, main road, thousands of the same number of similar shops / stores collection zone Overview "auxiliary shop, shop location tagging competition in the district of. read more

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Hefei New Year’s day long alcohol driving was investigated since 45

wine in our country is almost indispensable on the table, not only a lot of people love to drink, but also belongs to our country since ancient times, some of the traditional culture, but the popularity of today’s drunk driving is strictly prohibited! Reporters learned today from the Hefei traffic police detachment, during the new year’s Day holiday in 2017, Hefei traffic police department dispatched a total of nearly a thousand police to ensure the city’s traffic order is good. According to the characteristics of the new year’s Day holiday traffic flow, traffic police department in accordance with the highway, urban expressway, tourist attractions surrounding roads, urban centers, roads, large commercial outlets around the city to carry out traffic organization. read more

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raise the living standard of people’s material life has been greatly satisfied, then for the pursuit of spiritual life more, in the moment of spiritual life in sport tourism is a national obsession, so the development of the tourism industry vigorously is also a good choice. November 28, by the year of 2025, China will create 1000 national industrial tourism demonstration sites, the base of the 100 industrial tourism, the city of the 10 industrial tourism, for specific details, the following and Xiaobian together to understand. read more

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Snacks to join the advantage analysis

How can you say something about the

snack? Can you eat it? Such a good thing, but I can not give up small bian. Boring, but we are the best partner of snacks. If you want to get rich through entrepreneurship, then you must not miss the snacks to join such a good project. Because snacks to join the advantage is very good. If you do not know what the advantages of snacks to join, then you must look at the advantages of this snack to join the analysis!

Analysis of the advantages of

snacks joining read more

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Six tips for personal entrepreneurship inventory

entrepreneurial activity for many first-time entrepreneurs, a good shop business tips is very important, because the majority of the primary risk entrepreneurs tend to fail, let’s take a look at how to reduce business risk.

1, the amount of venture capital will be reduced to a minimum of

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Several techniques for managing the shop

entrepreneurship shop is not easy, as entrepreneurs, not only to have a general grasp of the market, but also know how to manage the store. A well – run shops, there is certainly a broad prospects for development. On the other hand, improper management would lead to the final is likely to put up the shutters. Here are some tips to manage the store, look at it!

skills: a person posts

only the right people in the right position, to the maximum value of the person, but in store operations, operational adjustment is inevitable, when workers often will change, but sometimes it is better to recruit new people, and don’t feel free to change jobs, because of job changes will not only affect the the mood, for a strange position, it is difficult to make and adapt to. read more

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How to avoid becoming a silver jewelry

many entrepreneurs want their own shop when the boss, choose to join the brand is the most important, but the small series suggest that we should choose a project, do not become a join injury.

  who can not avoid the venture on the road, of course, not everyone can afford the risk. At this time, we will be able to reflect the advantages of franchise. If you think that you can find a chain can sit back and relax, easy access to huge profits, then you will also become one of the many losers, who joined the same is true.

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Luxuries house joined the Korean barbecue what are the advantages of

Korean barbecue in the world’s various brands are also considered a major feature. Which products weishang Palace Korean barbecue to join the project is particularly concerned by the consumer. So Shang Han Palace barbecue why so good? The main points are as follows:

barbecue all the way to the park, the Korean palace is still the rapid development of Korean barbecue. To join the Korean barbecue palace, the headquarters to give professional training, unified sales, the headquarters of the support, so that you do not become rich entrepreneurial dream! read more

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Mom Xiang take food is not a dream to get rich quick

delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. The mother of rural food, for entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. How about joining mom and dad? Good quality, quality assurance. Venture to choose the mother of rural food to join the project, the success of entrepreneurship is not a dream!

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Guava rabbit children joined how much money

excellent children’s wear brand, is a very choice of business opportunities. How guava rabbit kids? With the strength of choice, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the guava rabbit kids? Open their own children’s clothing stores in guava, is a very good choice or not?

guava rabbit children to need how many money? Guava rabbit kids join the cost less special only million can join. Rabbit from guava fairy tale kingdom of dreams, from where the pure complex, each original dream was so pure. Represents the hope of opening, the dream of enlightenment. The good vision of life, has always been of vigor and vitality of life. As a child, can be said to be the most beautiful and innocent human life, so I hope you can keep good guava rabbit, enjoy the beautiful. read more

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nvestment in large scale Fish in Sour Soup Hot pot can get what kind of support

now seems to be a boiled fish cooking times, go out to eat you will find a lot of food and beverage brand projects are in the form of hot pot show. Today we recommend to you is still a good fish Hot pot brand Fish in Sour Soup times. So the fish hotpot brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for you in detail:

times Fish in Sour Soup originated in the "three days without clear, not three feet – three people, the" silver Guizhou plateau, it is with Chinese herbal medicine secret, natural fermentation of tomato and a variety of pure natural and sour soup, the fish and the pot clean profile. read more

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Kawangka tea business business easily

delicious healthy Kawangka tea, in the US, is always very popular with. Streets, as long as it is able to see the place, there will always be a lot of people in the long queue. Do not guess, it must be Kawangka milk tea shop. So, to join the Kawangka tea project, what are you waiting for?

good and healthy products is the foundation, only to ensure that the quality of the product taste to have the market, it is only effective development. Kawangka is such a tea brand, Kawangka R & D team brings together the food industry professional elite, adhere to the 60 days a new, in order to ensure each stores have strong and sustained competitiveness and fresh vitality! read more

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The order investment has good prospects for intelligent plate Project

How about

Oudian Na intelligent plate? Good quality projects, choose to join our business intelligence project, is the election of the board, in the Home Furnishing market, the choice of business intelligence Oudian Na gusset plate to join the project success point the day and await for it!

order promising project investment Na intelligent plate. The new era of traditional Home Furnishing decoration has been unable to meet the personalized consumer demand, and as the owner of the 80 and 90 pay more attention to the product design, construction, service and so on, only the 80 and 90 overall satisfactory products to win their trust and love. Customized home decoration has become a new trend of the entire decoration, decoration industry development. Oudian Na intelligent plate appeared for many young people, eyes bright, compared with the traditional wall construction decoration, Oudian Na has the advantages of smart plate have a unique style, to meet consumer personalization aspects better. read more

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High quality tea tea the whole of Aunt

in the food and beverage market, countless brands of milk tea, only the most beloved aunt milk tea. Moreover, aunt milk tea is also the most popular tea, is the best choice to join the venture. High quality tea, aunt milk tea.

to say the most popular tea aunt Zhao, than blood glutinous rice tea, we all know that blood glutinous rice liver, beauty and skin, to now busy men and women, blood glutinous rice has good tonic effect. Aunt in tea, ten yuan less than a cup of tea, glutinous rice accounted for half a glass component, so the component blood glutinous rice tea, it is no wonder that many girls love when a meal to enjoy, but also for many chowhound we never forget. read more

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Beijing Haidian young entrepreneurs crowd age 31 53 net

entrepreneurship is now a lot of young people will walk the road, facing the brutal job market, choose their own businesses are often able to bring more business opportunities, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to Beijing Haidian young entrepreneurial age, "Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau Haidian District youth entrepreneurship status and influencing factors of investigation report" recently released. The report shows that Haidian youth entrepreneurship favorite research and technical services, and the highest proportion of the six districts in the city, reaching 41.96%. 30 to the age of 40 as the backbone of entrepreneurship. read more

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