March 2017

Public rental Yaohao distribution countdown

These two days, with thousands of public rental housing waiting list ranking publicity, the city in 2015 the first batch of public rental Yaohao distribution countdown. It is reported that this year, including public rental housing, low-income housing construction, pay more attention to the project quality and quality, and strive to create a livable affordable housing area, at the same time, speed up the progress of the project, to ensure the completion of the project as soon as possible delivery conditions, accelerate the speed of distribution.

in addition to the house is not leaking, no cracks in the "hard" quality, low-income housing livable "soft quality" have not been ignored, in the recently held the city low-income housing construction project quality inspection, residential greening, underground garage and Qaidam road low-income housing project three low-income housing project match factory the overall layout, residential environment, housing apartment layout design, in the pursuit of quality and environmental aspects of the "soft quality" approach, got high evaluation personnel to observe the. According to reports, the city will further increase the low-income housing construction project quality and quality, will pay attention to detail and quality as the key area of low-income housing quality, build quality of low-income housing construction project. At the same time, will increase the protection of housing projects supporting infrastructure construction, and actively seek financial support for the policy, so that the completion of a number of batches to ensure the completion of the conditions of the housing project, phased distribution to housing difficulties.It is reported that the current

, the city in 2015 the first batch of allocation of public rental Yaohao preparatory work is being stepped up, the allocation of public rental housing information, list, score and other information has been publicized, widely accepted social supervision, Yaohao allocation countdown.

note: the newspaper on the recent 2015 public rental housing pilot distribution tracking reports, at the same time, to apply for public rental, rent standards, application of submitted data and application procedure contentinterpretation reports.

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Xining to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the measurement

recently, the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and the three County Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out supervision and inspection of the measurement during the holiday season, the focus has close ties to the consumer shopping mall (supermarket), quantitative packaging enterprise markets, grain and local specialty of metrological supervision and inspection.


examination is of large shopping mall (supermarket) measurement supervision and inspection and through the promotion of integrity measurement and the construction of the harmonious urban and rural special activities, the large shopping mall (supermarket) the measurement management progress increases, the amount of goods and measuring instruments the qualified rate of the large increase than in the past. read more

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Xining City Association explore the three pavilions

September 15th, the 2015 cities will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. This exhibition of millions of Xining in the eyes of the public, not simply an investment fair, but an important window of Xining’s development achievements show, Xining native products, cultural landscape a wonderful debut, it is a people’s festival.

wisdom Xining: transfer industry development trend

in all of the exhibition, exhibition industry chain in the eyes of the people is always so "cold", a string of no temperature figures, a lot of cold products, let outsiders to see the whole picture. The exhibition, the traditional impact will be broken! Industry chain exhibition during this exhibition will be more popular, more stylized visual display, let people feel the development of Xining industrial economy, demonstrated the wisdom of the image of Xining.

according to exhibit introduction, in order to make people more intuitive understanding of the industrial technology, the display area in the new energy, will set up a huge lithium battery model, the model forward, will be able to see the application of lithium battery to the electric car, etc.. And so on, visitors can solar and wind energy is how to integrate the common people living today see in the display area. If you are interested in the Qinghai Tibetan carpet industry, the designers will show you the magic change process from the wool to the exquisite carpet. These more image, easy to understand the industrial chain display, will make the wisdom of Xining more compelling.

[] footprint "12th Five-Year" since, our city has always been to accelerate the adjustment of economic structure, promote the upgrading of the push to achieve a breakthrough point and supporting point four development of industrial restructuring, through the transformation of the mode of development, increase the adjustment of industrial structure, bigger and stronger competitive industries, and strive to enhance the level of industrial development, promote industrial economy to the characteristics and advantages of type, circular economy, innovation driven, driven by radiation;

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Venture capital investment is far more than just so simple

do you know how to start a business? Do you really understand the nature of entrepreneurship? In fact, many people subconsciously think entrepreneurship is the money investment, entrepreneurship is of course not so simple, at any time, there will be suitable for small and medium enterprises have the chance of survival in the market economy system, with private capital precipitation, small and medium-sized private enterprises is life and growth in nature. Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective, the most positive way of employment, a person can provide three jobs. read more

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Qinghai power grid to help promote poverty

5 month 24 days, Longhua Hui Autonomous County village villagers Han Zhengqiang in the national network of Qinghai electric power company in helping the village cadres, set foot on the train in Beijing, helping Hand-Pulled Noodle paid field training.

in the poverty alleviation work in Qinghai electric power deepening "twinning", carry out "Renqin aid", to achieve full coverage, often walking, think "really close", to help ensure that out of poverty, poverty alleviation work carried out, to boost the poverty alleviation of poverty village. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the local village poverty alleviation and focus problems of the village and the villagers are most concerned about the actual situation, established the "combined with the local reality, relying on the local government, the use of existing resources, ideas to achieve precise poverty, from infrastructure construction, industrial poverty, poverty alleviation and other aspects of helping to carry out ideological preparation, the whole village poverty alleviation and development to promote the program of work, fine differentiation, responsibility for the program to strictly implement the relevant policies. read more

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Xining City North District Court held a former chairman and veteran Forum

court changes, the development of large, big hope, although separated by thousands of miles, but our hearts together, today we can see here, thank the party to build such a platform." After the establishment of the first president of the Northern District Court Chen Xianzhong said excitedly.

in the morning of July 23rd, the North District Court held a forum for the former president and veteran cadres, the party and the middle part of the leadership of the party and the cadres of the informal discussion. read more

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Qinghai set in Xi’an the wind blowing green

The Provincial Department of Commerce organized the 2014 Xi’an Qinghai large set of goods before the day ended in Xi’an, 78 enterprises in our province with dairy products, bee products, Chinese wolfberry products such as 9 categories, more than 400 kinds of products second times into Xi’an, in a local "Qinghai green wind", hit the spot total sales of 3 million 70 thousand yuan, the amount of 460 million yuan contract success, respectively than the previous set up 29.5% and 11.6%. Many local products through a large set to stay in Xi’an.

Qinghai large set of goods have been held for seven sessions, focus gradually from the scene to the scene of both sales and sales contract. During the event, the province’s 24 companies were signed with the local enterprises a total of $460 million purchase and sale agreement. Cooperation projects involving dairy products, Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps sinensis, jewelery, rapeseed oil, beef and mutton products and etc.. A Xi’an entrepreneur Li said that through a large set of her understanding of Qinghai, to understand the Qinghai wolfberry products, she firmly believes that green, healthy Qinghai wolfberry products will have a place in Xi’an. During the interview, the reporter saw Small and micro businesses accounted for exhibitors "half of the country, the provincial commerce department official said, their growth is good, strong brand awareness, market companies with high reputation in a large set of goods, pay attention to" timely assistance ", rather than" icing on the cake ", as the Qinghai special high-quality new products in particular to build a platform Small and micro businesses to enter foreign markets, forming a virtuous cycle of cultivating a number of mature group.

a large set of playing green brand specialty products
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Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics actively carry out the theme of love Lei Feng

In March 5th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to "learn from Lei Feng day" as an opportunity to organize all the staff to carry out the "Lei Feng love" theme activities, study and publicize the spirit of Lei Feng, learning from Lei Feng to carry out practical activities, to create a strong atmosphere, the rise of boom

3 5 July, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to "learn from Lei Feng day" as an opportunity to organize all the staff to carry out the "Lei Feng love" theme activities, study and publicize the spirit of Lei Feng, learning from Lei Feng to carry out practical activities, to create a strong atmosphere, the rise of boom. read more

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Well lane food street, big new street night market, suburban farmhouse…… In Xining, a leisurely food will always let the public and tourists can not help but dig pockets. At the end of August, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued from January to July the consumer market analysis data: Xining, total retail sales of social consumer goods 24 billion 430 million yuan, up 11.4% over the same period last year, the growth rate of 1 percentage points higher than the national, accommodation and catering industry consumption growth, total retail sales of 1 billion 317 million yuan, an increase of 5.4%. read more

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School documents go grassroots and do practical things to send a warm celebration 38

study documents · go grassroots · do practical things · send warm · Qing 38

the morning of March 8th, the district CDPF in conjunction with the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation, District Civil Affairs Bureau, the Federation Armed Forces, consisting of "38 condolences group", with life utensils, together to Yun Jia Kou Zhen Zhu Jia Zhuang village to carry out condolences activities.

activities began in the village committee secretary Zhu Wencang chaired the Standing Committee down, armed minister Zhao Jian delivered a speech, urged the village women further develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and the spirit of "four selves", strive to build a new power, creative industry, contribute to accelerating the construction of harmonious society. Then the working group preached the central one document, and stressed the "three rural issues" in China’s socialist modernization period, "top priority" status. Activities at the scene, I district CDPF condolences to the entire village of disabled people, 50 daily necessities, and sent more than 200 books. read more

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Provincial capital 11 gas stations to complete the oil and gas recycling

gas station gasoline smell, in fact, from the mouth out of oil and gas, which is a volatile pollutants. In order to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds in the air, improve the air quality, the city to speed up the implementation of gas station oil and gas recycling. Up to now, 11 gas stations completed the transformation.

according to statistics, the city has a total of 115 gas stations. Due to volatilization of gasoline in the air generated by the oil and gas, which belongs to the toxic and harmful substances, therefore, our city will be gas station oil and gas recovery and reconstruction work as an important content of the implementation of comprehensive management of air pollution action, from the beginning of September on the city’s gas station oil and gas recovery transformation. Currently the main city of 11 gas stations in the oil and gas recovery work has been fully completed, is expected to be completed by the end of next year, the full completion of the 115 gas station oil and gas recycling. To carry out oil and gas recovery and reconstruction work is not only conducive to the improvement of air quality, but also the recovery of oil and gas into gasoline, saving resources and improve the safety of the gas station. read more

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Sing the most dazzling national wind played the strongest solidarity

9 14, the Chinese people of the 56 ethnic groups gathered in Beijing Jingxi Hotel auditorium. In the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival Closing Ceremony Gala beautiful atmosphere, the theatrical festival awards results announced at the same time, our province delegation sent Tu original song and dance drama "Rainbow children" and "Song Xan Gan Bbu" two big historical Tibetan Opera repertoire from the country’s 35 talent shows itself from the delegation of the 43 programs. Won three awards, including "Song Xan Gan Bbu" won the highest award — drama repertoire award, for our province participating activities draw a satisfactory full stop. read more

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Xining City north of the city to hire 225 compulsory environmental supervisors

is to promote public participation, strengthen social supervision, improve the area of environmental quality, protect the safety of the regional environment, recently, hired 120 deputies and 105 CPPCC members Xining city district environmental protection duty supervisor, to carry out environmental protection obligations for supervision, strengthen environmental supervision and inject new vitality.

the duty supervisor end for three years, they will exercise the power of supervision in the environmental protection department under the guidance of the north area, mainly perform six duties: to actively promote the policies and regulations of environmental protection and environmental protection knowledge; supervision and reporting environmental violations and environmental pollution; assist to deal with the environmental protection departments of environmental petition and other environmental disputes in a timely manner; reflect the environmental issues of concern to the masses to promote environmental protection work to the public; administrative law enforcement and supervision of environmental law enforcement personnel; positive suggestions for environmental protection work. read more

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The third round of the Lake Electric Car Challenge perfect ending

6 month 22 days, in the Qinghai Grand Theatre on the square in front of the electric car by Beiqi new energy electric vehicles led team followed by closing the car station, marking the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicles challenge perfect ending.

The third

2016 ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge for a period of three days, the entire 981 km, a total of 12 stages of the harsh test, the organizing committee given 13 professional awards, 5 awards of the ad hoc committee, public welfare ambassador and Jin Ling award. Beiqi new energy EU260, Beiqi new energy EX200, Zotye new energy E200, Dongfeng Kai Chen Morrowind, BYD Daimler Teng potential, JAC iEV6S’s top domestic electric cars, have made their outstanding achievements. read more

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The second stage Xining Datong Qinghai and Gansu team will fully protect the shirt

Qinghai and Gansu Eurasian teams look at fiercely as a tiger does, the team is not the same not resigned to playing second fiddle, climbing the second stage of the undercurrent, the smell of gunpowder.

after the first stage of the "bottom", the strength of the team how much has been revealed, so the teams will make the appropriate arrangements for the tactical stage for ranking and jersey. From the previous race around the lake, the second stage for the often more intense, Jersey may change. Italy – Taipei RTS Merida, Rambo has super strength off the ghoulishly sprint team players may want to prove the strength of the force, so no one can predict the variable of the match. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau summer peace two action started

from the beginning of May to the end of October, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will give the entire police force, security activities summer events within the city and social regulation to combat "Peace No. two" special action.

the police will fully implement the World Expo Asian Games, and summer events of the security measures, strict traffic, fire protection and security for the safety management, approval, inspection procedures, promote the standardization of law enforcement and social management work, strengthen the management of internal and external supervision and discipline style, and strive to maintain a stable political environment and harmonious the social security environment and security environment, to ensure that during the World Expo Asian Games, and summer events safety. read more

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January 16th, in recognition from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau meeting was informed that this year, Xining city will actively implement the strategy of expanding employment, entrepreneurship to promote employment, skills training to increase efforts to promote employment.

this year, Xining city development strategies to expand employment, on the one hand, will further improve the public employment service system, improve the community labor security platform, to further enhance the grass-roots work platform employment service level and employment assistance function. On the other hand, to promote the full employment of the community to create activities, and strengthen labor cooperation with the industrial park enterprises, to create a large number of rural labor transfer opportunities in the near future. At the same time, we will continue to increase the intensity of labor export, strengthen labor cooperation with other provinces and cities, speed up the establishment of a stable labor export channel, expand the scale of labor export, and increase labor income. read more

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June 3rd morning, the Xining Federation of trade unions, the first group of cadres announced the establishment of A. Municipal Committee, the City Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong attended the inaugural ceremony and speech.

Wang Haihong pointed out that as an important force in the city’s ability to strengthen the construction of trade union cadres and professional team, the team has a unique irreplaceable advantages. Hope that the experts and scholars of instructors to enhance the quality of trade union cadres responsibility, give full play in the teaching practice ability and cleverness, continue to absorb new ideas, establish new concepts, new learning theory, accept new information, acquire new means, explore new methods, cultivate a trade union cadres can adapt to the requirements of the new situation for quality in our city, and strive to raise the city of union cadres training work to a new level. At the same time, trade unions at all levels should effectively enhance the majority of trade union cadres through the training of the ability of the masses of workers, to play a good role in the union workers’ home. read more

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  the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security poverty alleviation work meeting was informed that, as of the end of October, the province’s 520 thousand and 900 poverty-stricken population is included in the basic medical insurance, subsidies 64 million 594 thousand and 700 yuan; the province’s 37.2 all insured poverty-stricken population into urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance, for the 9977 severe and mild disability or old-age insurance fee of 1 million 662 thousand yuan. To effectively reduce the low income and non income poverty burden. read more

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