Asbestos reassessment starts Monday at Brock

Starting Monday, Aug. 22, contractors from Pinchin will be conducting a room-by-room asbestos re-assessment of the Brock University campuses in St. Catharines and Hamilton, excluding the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.This annual review involves a visual inspection of all known asbestos-containing materials and could include the collection of samples in some locations.Pinchin will begin their inspections on Monday and will continue until Friday Sept. 2 with the possibility of a few additional days if needed. This re-assessment will assist Brock in the safe handling, control of, tracking and management of asbestos-containing materials on campus, and is a requirement of Ontario’s health and safety legislation.In most cases, individuals will notice very little activity or disruption. The contractors will sometimes be accompanied by Brock staff, and in a very few instances they may set up containment materials in some locations. Proper precautions and controls will be in place, in accordance with legislation, to eliminate any risk of exposure. The health and safety of building occupants will be the top priority.Anyone with questions about the project, or concerns about special considerations regarding equipment, materials, access or special arrangements that need to be made, should contact Health, Safety and Wellness at, or Jennifer Booker, Brock Environmental Health and Safety Officer, at x5390 or email

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