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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterAnantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort introduces four seven-day wellness journeys based on the guiding philosophies of Ayurveda, designed to balance and nourish mental and physical health.At Anantara Peace Haven, wellness journeys are centred on the ancient traditions of Ayurveda. Each program is tailored according to your doshas and vikruti or current imbalances. Holistically addressing exercise, diet, sleep, stress and relaxation needs, wellness journeys are planned after a personal consultation with the resident doctor. A week-long journey of coaching with personal yogis, life coaches, trainers and chefs culminates with a long-term plan for continued wellness back home – with the ultimate goal of empowering you to change your lifestyle and way of thinking.Dr. Jayachandran Thampi adds, “These guided programmes are designed to balance and introduce the benefits of Ayurveda; perhaps leading to a deeper immersion upon return. Complemented by yoga, healing arts and ayurvedic nutritional guidance they introduce the concept of ‘holism’ – not just evaluating our physical state, but along with it the more esoteric elements of being. Through our personalised approach, we gently ease guests through the process of healing.”The four ayurvedic journeys offer life enhancing, aspirational and transformational experiences in an incredible resort destination, taking the guests individual needs and time preferences into account. Each ayurvedic retreat offers a holistic journey of distinct benefits. Collectively these programmes encompass an ideal of happiness – a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit.Inner HarmonyCalm your mind and body to create emotional and spiritual balanceThe Inner Harmony program consists of three energy healing sessions, two coaching sessions with the Doctor of Ayurveda to understand your lifestyle choices based on your doshas, ayurvedic nutrition counselling, daily spa treatments and local excursions, and a contemplative environment with technology blackout and journal keeping.Deep SleepGive yourself well-deserved time to relax, heal and rebuildThe Deep Sleep program consists of two in-room slumber guru rituals, three energy healing sessions, two coaching sessions with the Doctor of Ayurveda to understand your lifestyle choices based on your doshas, and ayurvedic nutrition counselling. Unwind with daily spa treatments, a guided excursion to a local Buddhist temple, a painting session with a local artisan, and yoga sessions with the resident yogi.Natural WeightDiscover the ayurvedic approach to healthy weight management and vitalityThe Natural Weight program consists of invigorating daily exercise including four personal trainer sessions and a half day of surfing. Make nutritional changes based on your doshas, with Eating for Balance counselling and life coaching according to Ayurvedic principles. Reward yourself with daily spa treatments, energy healing, and guided excursions to Buddhist temples.A Rebuilding DetoxDetoxify physically and mentally, and rebuild your natural energyThe Rebuilding Detox programme consists of two spa treatments per day using medicated herbs suited to your doshas. Virechana Karma evacuates toxins from the gut. Detox the mind with three energy healing sessions, two life coaching appointments, a painting lesson with a local artisan, and daily journal keeping.Each seven-night ayurvedic programme includes:Personal consultation with Resident Doctor of AyurvedaDaily early morning journalingPrivate Mindful Moment (healing arts) sessionsOne 60-minute Eating for Balance (nutritional coaching) session per stayTwo 90-minute Life Coaching sessions per stayAccess to resort’s fitness and healing arts classesTechnology blackout every eveningPersonalised ayurvedic therapies and Anantara Spa treatmentsLocal experiences including Guru-led trips to Buddhist templesPrices start at US$1350, inclusive of applicable local tax and resort service charge.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img

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