Scores of Canadians dipped their toes into cryptocurrency mining in recent weeks — they just didn’t realize it.A wave of so-called “cryptojacking” has been sweeping the internet, forcing unwitting web surfers into generating money for cybercriminals.Hackers infect websites with malicious code that secretly conscripts visitors into an army of cryptocurrency miners. Cryptocurrency mining involves devoting a computer’s processing power to solving a complicated mathematical problem with digital currency offered as a reward.‘We’re not really interested’: Quebec throws cold water on Bitcoin miners seeking cheap powerCrypto-miners flood into Canada, boosting the hopes of small towns looking for a breakMassive cryptocurrency heist spurs calls for more regulation as threat of more large-scale hacks loomsThe cryptojacking process is invisible and web surfers typically don’t even realize anything is happening in the background, unless they hear their computer’s fan kick in as the machine is forced to work at its full capacity. Once they leave the infected website, the cryptojacking stops.Computer security researcher Troy Mursch recently identified as many as 50,000 websites that had been compromised by the latest hacking trend and said cryptojacking is in its “gold rush” stage.An incident last month also exposed just how large the problem is becoming. On a quiet Sunday morning with most IT workers at home with their families, the websites of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the municipal websites of cities including Yellowknife and Oshawa, Ont., were among thousands that were hit with an attack linked to a third-party accessibility app called Browsealoud.More recently, the infected sites Mursch identified included thousands using the WordPress platform, which is favoured by bloggers and small businesses looking for an easy way to set up a web presence. Canadian mom-and-pop stores, wedding photographers and personal trainers were among those who had their websites turned into profit generators for hackers.The scheme has proven so profitable that many hackers have been turning their attention away from trying to steal consumers’ personal information or hijack computers with so-called ransomware attacks, says Vancouver-based Jerome Segura, a security researcher with software company Malwarebytes.“It’s not that it’s not happening anymore but it’s a lot less than it was in the last couple of years when ransomware was the main focus and causing mayhem,” Segura said, pointing to last year’s WannaCry global cyberattack that hit hundreds of thousands of computers including critical machines in hospitals.“As long as the price of cryptocurrencies stays high, this is going to be the kind of activity that we’re going to see cybercriminals prefer.”While he hesitated to call the trend toward cryptojacking “good news” for internet users, Mursch said “it’s definitely the lesser of the evils” compared to being victimized by a ransomware attack, in which hackers digitally lock a computer and demand to be paid before releasing it to the owner.“Ransomware is basically like pointing a gun at you and saying, ‘Hey, pay up or you’re not getting your files back,’ versus cryptojacking you might not even know about it, it’s just going to silently steal your electricity,” he said.Segura said what’s striking about this latest trend is that it affects virtually any kind of device that can access a website. In the past, many consumers thought they were safe from viruses and malware on their mobile phones or Apple computers.“It’s platform agnostic in the sense that it doesn’t matter if you have a Windows computer, or a Mac, or even a mobile device, if you’re visiting that website your device will start mining regardless,” he said.He added there is a possible risk of damage to an overworked device if it were to be left mining endlessly for an extended period of time.“There have been cases — more proof-of-concepts, but still — where in a lab people tested running a cryptominer at 100 per cent and after a certain amount of hours the device overheats and actually pops, the back popped out,” Segura said.While the trend could very easily reverse itself if and when the cryptocurrency that is currently being targeted, Monero, drops in price, Segura said there’s also a risk that hackers could adapt their tactics and try to target users’ computers for mining and not just their web browsers.On Wednesday, Microsoft reported its Windows Defender Antivirus software had recently blocked attempts by hackers to embed cryptomining malware on nearly 500,000 computers in a single day, mostly in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.Mursch said his advice to WordPress users is to be diligent about installing software updates, which can be a very easy fix to address security vulnerabilities that arise.“It’s kind of hard to believe, but you just have to update it to magically fix it,” he said.“But it’s not going to email you, or start beeping, or alert you in any way, so you definitely have to be proactive.”He noted that many of the infected WordPress sites he found appeared to be abandoned by their owners but continued to “just float out there in the ether” loaded with code that could infect web surfers.Segura said he hopes the cryptojacking trend won’t lead to internet users letting their guard down too much.“If you take it too lightly and think, ‘Well, it’s not really affecting my computer much,’ what you don’t realize is it’s fuelling an economy that is benefiting criminals,” Segura said.“This is dirty money that they’re making.” read more

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Regulator responds to TransCanada gas pipeline leak in northeast Alberta

Regulator responds to TransCanada gas pipeline leak in northeast Alberta by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 27, 2013 4:21 pm MDT BOYLE, Alta. – The National Energy Board is investigating a leak at a natural gas pipeline northeast of Edmonton.The regulator hasn’t yet determined the size of the leak near Boyle, Alta., but says there are no public safety concerns.The line, which carries sweet natural gas, is owned by TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. (TSX:TCA)A member of the board’s emergency response team is on site and the affected portion of pipeline has been shut down.Local first responders and aboriginal groups are being notified.The board says it was notified of the leak late Wednesday morning. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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Opinion Braxton Millers move to receiver a smart decision

Then-junior quarterback Braxton Miller (5) runs the ball during a game against Indiana Nov. 23 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-14. On Thursday night, Miller announced that he would be changing positions for the upcoming season. Credit: Lantern file photoBraxton Miller’s decision to switch positions is a wise one.The two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year announced Thursday night via SI.com that instead of throwing passes for Ohio State in 2015, he will be catching them.This decision will primarily help two things.First, it will make defending the national champions’ offense even more potent.With either redshirt junior Cardale Jones or redshirt sophomore J.T. Barrett — two players who could start for just about every college team around the nation — as quarterback and junior Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield alongside receivers such as redshirt sophomore Jalin Marshall and junior Dontre Wilson, the Buckeyes were already projected to score points in bunches during the 2015 season.Now, add Miller to the mix as an H-back  — a position that is a cross between running back and wide receiver — and you have the recipe for offense that will be incredibly difficult for defenses around the country to slow down.But the thing Miller’s decision will help most is his stock in the 2016 NFL draft.Throughout his first three seasons in Columbus, Miller excelled mightily as a quarterback, compiling a 28-8 record as a starter, along with producing countless highlight plays. Even through all his success, I never believed he had much of a chance to play quarterback at the next level.His best attribute is his dynamic athleticism, which allows him to make plays with his feet. Whether it was shaking off would-be tacklers to buy more time to find an open receiver or just tucking the ball and running it himself, many of his highlight plays came because of his feet.His ability to throw is solid at the collegiate level. He can make most of the throws required in coach Urban Meyer’s offense. But in the NFL, his arm would just not cut it. The NFL requires quarterbacks to be able to play from the pocket, which is not a strong skill of Miller’s.To me, the Huber Heights, Ohio, native is a perfect example of the typical “college quarterback.” His skill set would not translate well to the next level if he tried to continue playing quarterback.This is why his move to H-back for the Buckeyes in the fall is so wise.Miller will have all of his redshirt senior season to impress NFL scouts in his new role, unlike a lot of college quarterbacks who transition to a new position after they get drafted or signed by an NFL club.Numerous former collegiate quarterbacks switch positions at the next level, but Miller’s opportunity to learn that new position and develop his skills before reaching the NFL will set him apart.For example, Josh Cribbs, formerly of the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts, played quarterback for Kent State. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Browns in 2005 and eventually was converted to play wide receiver and return kicks.He became an elite kick returner but struggled to grasp his new position as wide receiver. Cribbs never looked comfortable as a receiver. His athleticism was apparent but his route running and hands — two critical attributes required to become an elite receiver — never caught up to his athletic ability.Had Cribbs been able to spend a collegiate season honing his skills as receiver like Miller will be able to do, maybe he could have developed into something other than a special teams player.Switching from a position that an individual has played all their life to something entirely brand new once they get to the highest level of competition in the NFL is an uphill climb.Rather than be stubborn and refuse to switch positions, like Tim Tebow, or wait four seasons to realize that a different position is the best option, like former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor, Miller intelligently opted to get a head start on his climb.His athletic ability and talent will certainly allow him to make plays at his new position. Getting a season’s worth of experience under his belt before jumping to the NFL will only improve his stock in the upcoming draft.However, before teams in the NFL have to deal with stopping Miller in his new role, college teams across the nation are charged with that task first.To those teams, good luck. read more

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Billys case pulled on their heartstrings Cannabis oil treatment for Tyrone boy

first_img‘Billy’s case pulled on their heartstrings’: Cannabis oil treatment for Tyrone boy approved Billy Caldwell’s mother had met with UK government officials to discuss returning his medicine earlier this week. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Short URL Earlier, Sinn Féin MP for West Tyrone Órfhlaith Begley tweeted that she received official confirmation from the UK Home Office that Billy will receive his medicine back. Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy outside the Home Office in London ahead of a meeting with Minister of State Nick Hurd. Jun 16th 2018, 12:44 PM Saturday 16 Jun 2018, 1:33 PM Share561 Tweet Email Image: Yui Mok 33 Comments Updated Jun 16th 2018, 1:33 PM THE UK GOVERNMENT has agreed to return medicinal cannabis back to a 12-year-old boy who suffers from epileptic fits, days after it was confiscated from his mother at Heathrow airport.Billy Caldwell, who’s from Tyrone, suffered “back-to-back” seizures after medicnal cannabis was confiscated on Monday from his mother as she returned on a flight from Canada.The UK Home Secretary said that he used “exceptional power” to ensure that a license to allow Billy to be treated with cannabis oil. Charlotte Caldwell speaking to reporters outside the hospital where her son is being treated. Source: Sky NewsSpeaking to reporters gathered outside the Chester and Westminster Hospital where Billy is being treated, Charlotte said that she didn’t want “any other family or any other child to go through this”.“No other family should have to go through this sort of ordeal – travelling halfway across the world to get medicine which should be freely available to our children.“They should give parents their right back to hope, and for children who are suffering from this depleting condition, they should be given back their right to a better quality of life. I’m delighted to say that I have just spoken with Charlotte to tell her that I have received official confirmation that Billy is going to receive his medication and it is on its way.center_img This is a wake up call for a more humane policy, not panic measures. I hope they reflect on what they put our family through and that they bring forward emergency legislation [on medicinal cannabis use].When asked about why she thought the Home Office approved the use of medicinal cannabis in their case, Charlotte said: “I truly believe that someone in the Home Office has a heart and that Billy’s case pulled on their heartstrings.”After her son was admitted to hospital yesterday, Charlotte told Sky News that refusing to allow her son to be treated with cannabis oil was ”callous treatment” by the UK government. Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy outside the Home Office in London ahead of a meeting with Minister of State Nick Hurd. Image: Yui Mok Source: Andrew Ellson/Twitter Billy Caldwell went 300 days without epileptic seizures. Since his cannabis oil was seized at customs he has had 5 this week. Now he has been rushed to hospital with mum Charlotte. This is down to home office cruelty, who are sitting on his prescribed life-saving meds. Shameful pic.twitter.com/GGrBknbSHT— Ian Birrell (@ianbirrell) June 15, 2018 18,332 Views https://jrnl.ie/4074553 Source: Ian Birrell/Twitter Very relieved that our persistence has prevailed!In a statement to journalists, Begley said that she was “gutted” that it had taken for Billy’s condition to deteriorate, and that there had been a lot of shifting blame between the government and health system.She said that the last update she received was that the medication “was in the car park” of the hospital “so it should be any moment now that he will receive the medication”.The UK Home Office released a statement earlier saying that it was “deeply sympathetic” with Billy’s case and was “in contact with his medical team”. It had said that if the team advise a particular course of action, the Home Office would be “available to consider that advice”.Cannabis in IrelandThe debate about the legalisation of cannabis for medical use has been raised in Ireland, it’s been the story of Ava and Vera Twomey which has raised the debate most recently.Vera’s eight-year-old daughter Ava suffers from a rare form of epilepsy which is potentially lethal. The condition previously pushed Ava into cardiac arrest and into an eight-day coma.After months of intense campaigning, Health Minister Simon Harris approved a license for Ava to use medicinal cannabis – she’s now one of seven people in the country with such a license.Twomey said that Ava is now “doing wonderful” and experiences no seizures. Billy Caldwell was this evening rushed to hospital after suffering a life threatening seizure because the Home Office confiscated his cannabis oil medicineHe hadn’t previously had a seizure in 250 daysThis is him tonight HM Government: SORT YOURSELF OUT pic.twitter.com/L9ov7KtXpl— Andrew Ellson (@andrewellson) June 15, 2018 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Ronflements des décharges électriques pour les faire cesser

first_imgRonflements : des décharges électriques pour les faire cesserÉtats-Unis – Douces nuits en perspective pour les victimes du ronflement : un implant délivrant des décharges électriques au niveau de la gorge pourrait enfin traiter ce mal nocturne. L’appareil utilise la stimulation électrique qui active les nerfs de la gorge et les contraint à libérer les voies respiratoires.C’est dans le cadre d’une étude menée à l’Université Johns Hopkins (Maryland) que huit patients souffrant d’apnée du sommeil ont expérimenté cette méthode. Tous ont pu constater une réduction de plus de 50% de leurs ronflements.L’opération consiste à implanter un détecteur sous la peau du cou qui est raccordé à une très petite électrode en contact avec un nerf situé sous la langue. Le détecteur est programmé pour percevoir les variations de pression dans les voies respiratoires qui apparaissent au début d’une apnée du sommeil.Lorsque cela se produit, les électrodes envoient une décharge au nerf qui va contracter un muscle permettant de libérer les voies respiratoires du patient qui, précision importante, ne ressent aucune douleur.Le générateur peut, au choix, être éteint ou allumé pendant le sommeil et devrait, s’il est commercialisé, nécessiter un changement tous les dix ans au même titre qu’un stimulateur cardiaque.  L’apnée du sommeil affecte environ 10% des quadragénaires. Elle se définit par l’interruption de la respiration durant des périodes de plus de dix secondes. Il peut se produire plusieurs centaines d’interruptions de ce type chaque nuit. Le 27 mars 2010 à 17:41 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Allemagne  la commercialisation dune eau bio fait débat

first_imgAllemagne : la commercialisation d’une eau bio fait débatLammsbräu, un petit brasseur du nord de la Bavière vient de lancer une eau minérale bio. Une mention qu’il estime légitime en raison de la pureté de son produit. Toutefois, l’initiative ne semble pas faire l’unanimité. “Bio Kristall”, lancé par le petit brasseur Lammsbräu, est la première eau minérale à porter la mention bio. Une caractéristique qui la fait prévaloir par rapport aux 500 autres eaux qui ont investi le marché allemand. La stratégie s’insère parfaitement dans la logique économique du pays, fortement impliqué dans la culture du bio et grand consommateur d’eau minérale. Selon la Fédération des sources minérales allemandes, un Allemand boit actuellement en moyenne 131 litres d’eau minérale par an. Une consommation qui a nettement augmenté ces dernières années puisqu’en 1980, la consommation s’élevait à environ 40 litres par an. L’initiative un peu trop audacieuse ne séduit pas les grandes entreprises comme Nestlé ou Danone qui dénoncent l’illégitimité d’apposer sur une eau minérale un quelconque label bio. Alexander Antonoff, porte-parole de Nestlé Allemagne, explique à l’AFP : “Nous sommes convaincus que l’eau minérale est naturelle en soi. Où serait la différence avec une eau bio?”. Une affaire étudiée par la justice allemande À lire aussiRétention d’eau : symptômes, remèdes, causes, que faire en cas d’oedème ?L’avis est également partagé par la Fédération Allemande des Organisations des Consommateurs qui dénonce une pratique uniquement commerciale. Christiane Köber est une des responsables de l’association. Interrogée par l’AFP, elle souligne l’ambiguïté “trompeuse” de la mention bio : “L’eau minérale vient d’une source souterraine. La société en question fait de la publicité en jouant sur une évidence”. L’aberration aura conduit l’association à porter l’affaire devant les tribunaux et à remporter le procès en février. Toutefois, la décision de la justice allemande n’a pas suffi à arrêter Lammsbräu. La petite PME a fait appel et continue en attendant la prochaine étape du procès à commercialiser sa “Bio Kristall”.L’eau minérale bio a été lancée en févier 2010. Ses arguments de vente font valoir des critères environnementaux très stricts comme des tests sur les niveaux de pesticides. Lammsbräu met également en avant la minimisation des impacts de son exploitation sur l’environnement. L’entreprise valorise notamment les transports courts et la lutte contre les déchets entraînés par les emballages plastiques.Le 27 avril 2011 à 12:05 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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American Horror Story season 6 takes a turn down familiar paths

first_imgThere’s no surer sign that summer is over than the return of fall TV. Changing leaves? Football? Pssh. That’s for people who go outside. This season is about two things: New TV and Halloween. And FX has a new season of American Horror Story to help get us ready for both.This year, the show’s creators decided to do something a little different. Instead of revealing the theme of this season ahead of time, they kept it a secret until last night’s premiere. Even the title of last night’s episode, “Chapter One,” tells us absolutely nothing. Now that the episode has aired, the theme for this season is revealed: My Roanoke Nightmare.What?It’s not a bad title or anything, it just doesn’t immediately invoke any classic horror movie tropes like, for example, “Hotel” or “Freak Show” did. After five years, the show is switching things up on us, presenting fans with a change of format. Rather than a straight, somewhat campy horror-drama, “Roanoke Nightmare” is presented like a reality show in the vein of Paranormal Witness. The story is told through interviews with the main characters and “filmed reenactments” of the events they describe. Each character is played by two different actors: one giving the interview and another in the reenactment. It’s a nice touch that gives the premise some authenticity. In any case, it’s fun seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson back together.The reality documentary format works and helps the series branch out into other sub-genres of horror. American Horror Story is a show that wears its horror-movie inspirations proudly. Each season apes common tropes and classics of the genre. Season Six is no different, drawing inspiration from The Blair Witch Project and hillbilly horrors like Wrong Turn and Motel Hell. There’s even a glimpse of someone wearing a pig’s head like the main villain of the latter.Chaz Bono in “Chapter One” of American Horror Story” (Photo: Screenshot via FX)The episode begins by telling us what we are about to see is “based on true events.” Any horror movie fan should be familiar with that phrase. Famously used to market The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s a sure sign that the piece of media we’re about to watch is in no way “based on true events.”As the episode goes on, we see all the tropes of hillbilly horror fall into place. A couple, Matt and Shelby, buys a large, creepy house way out in the sticks and quickly makes enemies out of their Duck-Dynasty-looking neighbors. When the house gets broken into and vandalized, the police are predictably no help at all. They stay in the house, because of course they do, and while Matt is out of town, Shelby is attacked and held under water by men carrying torches. So, the creepy hillbillies seem to be part of a mysterious cult? Who wants to bet they end up being cannibals too?This season also seems to be heavily inspired by The Blair Witch Project. I don’t know where all this “Blair Witch” hysteria is coming from in 2016, but as a fan of the 1999 movie, I won’t complain. One scene has Shelby and her sister-in-law finding that someone has strung up some very familiar-looking stick figures. Another scene has Matt and Shelby finding a video running in their basement that ends with the camera falling to the ground on a close-up of someone’s face.Stick Figure from “Chapter One” of American Horror Story (Photo: Screenshot via FX)As heavy as the Blair Witch imagery is, we don’t quite know yet how it will tie into the rest of the story. It’s likely it has something to do with the cult Shelby stumbles upon in the final moments of the episode. I didn’t see any of that imagery in the final scene, but to be fair, I was a little distracted by the guy with his brain hanging out of his skull.“Chapter One” was a promising start to a series looking to change things up in its sixth season. For horror fans, it’s definitely worth sticking with just to see where it all goes. Honestly, it’s the most intrigued this series has made me since it began. Oh, and the brief appearance of Kathy Bates at the end doesn’t hurt either.last_img read more

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Woman recently released from Ore hospital missing in Skamania County

first_imgA woman recently released from a Bend, Ore., hospital was visiting family in Skamania County and has been reported missing and may be in danger, according to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office.Brenda Lee Symons, 48, was in the Stevenson area for the past few days to visit her brother, the sheriff’s office said. She was reported missing Tuesday night, after her brother returned from work to find Symons and her pickup gone.Her family and the sheriff’s office said she may be endangered. Symons was recently released from a hospital where she was being treated for an unknown mental health issue.Symons was described as 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 220 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.She was driving a two-tone maroon and silver 1998 Chevrolet Silverado with Oregon Crater Lake plates CK66334. The truck is an extended-cab pickup with a diamond plate box in the bed.The sheriff’s office said Symons had never been to the Skamania County area prior to her visit.The sheriff’s office asked anyone with information on Symons or her pickup to contact the agency. Its number is 509-427-9490.last_img read more

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Vancouver pursuit goes into Portland spurs kidnapping investigation

first_imgA woman was detained early Saturday morning and is being investigated in a potential kidnapping after she allegedly led a Clark County sheriff’s deputy on a car chase that went into Portland.At about 3:15 a.m. a deputy attempted to stop a black Nissan Altima for an equipment violation near Northeast Meadows Drive and Northeast 66th Street. The car failed to stop, however, and drove off in a reckless manner, according to a sheriff’s office news release.The deputy saw a male passenger in the front seat attempting to leave the vehicle, found this to be suspicious and believed the passenger was being kidnapped, the news release states.A pursuit ensued during which the Nissan blew through stop signs and traffic signals, reaching speeds over 95 mph. The car drove at oncoming vehicles, causing them to swerve to avoid colliding, according to the news release.The pursuit continued into Portland, where the Nissan was stopped with the use of spike strips. The driver, identified as Cherie Ramsey, was detained. The passenger was arrested on unrelated warrants, the news release said. The investigation into the potential kidnapping is ongoing.last_img read more

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Anthem Media Group Suspends Publication of Speedway Illustrated

first_imgFormula Five Media, the owners of Speedway Illustrated, have met with counsel to determine how best to proceed in this regrettable  situation and hope to soon have word and will post that information here as soon as it is available regarding the future of this great magazine. We apologize again for this situation and that we were slow in posting this information. We are deeply concerned about making sure you receive value for your subscription payments just as we are very concerned about the jobs of the great people who put Speedway together each month.An Anthem Media representative could not be reached for comment.Anthem Media Group acquired Speedway Illustrated in early 2009 from Down East Enterprise Inc., publisher of Maine’s Down East magazine. The acquisition included all of Down East’s Performance Media LLC., which was made up of Speedway Illustrated, SpeedwayIllustrated.com, NASCAR Insider and the Speedway Expo.Following Speedway Illustrated’s closure this summer, some of the magazine’s subscribers began leaving angry comments on FOLIO:’s report about its acquisition. Speedway Illustrated was launched in May 2000 by former driver and TV commentator Dick Berggren. At the time of its acqusition by Anthem, the magazine carried a monthly circulation of about 120,000. Marketing firm and magazine publisher Anthem Media Group has suspended publication of Speedway Illustrated. The magazine had been published by Formula Five Media, a subsidiary of Anthem Media.The decision to cease publishing came earlier this summer. The company posted this note on the magazine’s Web site:Speedway Illustrated temporarily suspended publishing after the April 2010 issue was mailed. We removed all links for subscribing electronically as soon as word was received that it was no longer being published, but a half dozen or so people found a link that was buried within another page on the site. We contacted the people who we could reach in an attempt to stop further orders from being entered and where possible, had PayPal reverse any charges.last_img read more

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Vaccines have no link to autism study of 657000 children finds

first_img Sci-Tech The Art of Science draws beauty from medical research Related stories In conclusion, the Danish team ended with a resolute statement in support of the idea that “MMR vaccination does not increase the risk for autism, does not trigger autism in susceptible children, and is not associated with clustering of autism cases after vaccination.” The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on March 5, was funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Danish Ministry of Health. In recent years, the anti-vax movement has gathered steam, resulting in a reluctance among some parents to get their children vaccinated. This social shift recently caused the World Health Organization to label “vaccine hesitancy” one of the biggest threats to global health in 2019. Measles cases continue to rise, with the WHO stating that the global spike is the result of “gaps in vaccination coverage.”In 2018, there was an almost 50 percent increase in worldwide measles cases and approximately 136,000 deaths. And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already reported 206 cases of measles in just two months, after a total of 372 cases were reported in 2018. Will this new, comprehensive data set be enough to sway those on the anti-vaccine side? Probably not. A number of studies over the last decade have looked at various vaccines, including those that contain mercury-based thimerosal, and found no association between autism and vaccines — a handful of research papers suggest otherwise, but the idea largely survives thanks to a fraudulent paper from 1998, the wilds of social media and a pervasive sense of mistrust. 13 Photos It only hurts for a second. Karl Tapales/Getty Images The vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella doesn’t cause autism, according to a massive, new study.  It’s yet another study that unravels any tie between vaccines and the developmental disability. A link between autism and the MMR vaccine has long been erroneously suggested, due to a controversial paper published in prestigious journal The Lancet over 20 years ago. Read more: How to track the 2019 measles outbreakAlthough the author of that paper, Andrew Wakefield, has been discredited and the original paper retracted, the myth that vaccines cause autism persists, even though mounting scientific evidence suggests otherwise. Today, if you wander too deep into the forest of social media, you’ll eventually be lost in arguments and counterarguments from a vocal minority arguing that vaccines are responsible for the disease.  Not so, shows the new study, conducted by a team of researchers with the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark. Their study followed childbirths in Denmark from 1999 to Dec. 31, 2010, and then followed up with the children from 1 year old until the study was completed in 2013. Using the Danish health registry allowed the researchers to compare a cohort of vaccinated children against unvaccinated children, definitively showing that those who received the MMR vaccine weren’t at a higher risk of autism. Examining 5,025,754 person-years of follow-up data, the researchers found 6,517 children who were diagnosed with autism. The team also showed that even those children considered more susceptible to the condition due to family history and other risk factors were not at higher risk of the disease. Share your voice 20 Tags Comments CRISPR gene editing explained: What is it and how does it work? Scientists use AI to reconstruct brain activity into speech Scientists grow human eye parts to determine how we see in colorlast_img read more

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Indian ecommerce market to triple to 12 billion this year

first_imgDomestic e-commerce market is expected to see a three-fold increase in its value compared to last year, as more and more people show interest in purchasing goods online.The combined gross merchandise value (GMV) of the Indian online retailers is projected to surpass $12 billion (Rs 78,000 crore) by December against $4.5 billion (Rs 29,000 crore) recorded in 2014.As major players like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, and eBay continue to provide a wide variety of merchandise on their platforms by partnering with many sellers and enhancing delivery mechanism, the Indian e-commerce sector is expected to see such a massive growth, Business Standard reported.Amazon sales have increased four-fold this year, as it tripled the number of sellers on its platform. Similarly, the country’s second largest retailer, Snapdeal, has increased its customer three times compared to last year, as it reduced the delivery time to just four hours in several cities.On the other hand, India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart saw a robust growth in sales to an estimated $300 million during recently concluded Big Billion Day sale that went for five days. The company said that it had sold 10 lakh products in the first 10 hours of ‘The Big Billion Days’ sale launched on 13 October.While top players — Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal — account for about of 80% of the online sales, small players in the sector are also gaining from the emerging trend. Competition in the domestic e-commerce space is expected to intensify as many big firms plan to foray into online retailing.Recently, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) said that it would roll out its online retailing platforms for fashion and electronic devices by the end of this year.”The overall ecosystem is growing. The good part is that many small guys are also growing rapidly with an increase in their shopper base and GMV. Even a niche e-commerce firm in furniture or baby goods is growing three to four times a year,” said Nitin Bawankule, head of e-commerce at Google India.Value of India’s e-commerce market is estimated to reach nearly $18-20 billion in 2016, according to Google.”There is a plenty of hype, but there is also a good deal of reality in India. It is a growing market, it is exciting, and there will be multiple winners. We will be one of them,” Scott Schenkel, chief financial officer & senior vice-president, eBay had said in an investors’ call last week.About 40% of retail shopping in the country happens during the festive season from September to December.last_img read more

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12 handed death penalty for killing college student

first_imgMap of TangailA Tangail court on Tuesday sentenced 12 people to death for killing college student Rabiul Islam Rajan in Bhuapur upazila of the district in 2014.Judge Wahiduzzaman Sikdar of the Tangail Special Judge Court handed down the verdict.On 13 April 2014, a group of people killed Rabiul Islam Rajan, 24, at his home over a family feud.Later, the mother of the victim, Shahida Begum, filed the case against 18 people. After an inquiry, police submitted chargesheet against 12 of them.Rajan’s mother was happy with the verdict. “I’ve got justice. And those, who have killed my son, have been given exemplary punishment,” she said.last_img read more

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Using phones in dark may cause smartphone blindness

first_imgUsing your device just before sleep may lead to a condition called transient smartphone blindness, say doctors who reported a case of two women in the UK suffering from temporary vision impairment in one eye after looking at a bright cellphone screen in a dark room.In the first case, a 22-year-old woman had trouble seeing with her right eye at night while in bed. This happened multiple times in a week for a year. However, her vision was fine in her left eye, and in both eyes the following day.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’In another case, a 40-year-old woman reported not being able to see with one eye when she woke up before sunrise. The vision problem lasted for about 15 minutes, and happened on and off for six months, doctors said.In both cases, doctors later found that the vision problems occurred only after the women had viewed their smartphone for several minutes, while lying on their side in bed, the ‘Live Science’ reported.These problems happened because the patients were looking at their phone with just one eye, with the other eye blocked by a pillow when they were lying down, the doctors said. In this situation, the eye blocked by the pillow becomes adapted to the dark, while the other eye looking at the smartphone is adapted to the light, the doctors said. When the smartphone is turned off, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind,” until it also adjusts to the dark. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“As they can see well with the dark-adapted eye, it seems to them that they have lost vision in the eye which – a moment ago – was viewing the smartphone normally,” researchers wrote in a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In an experiment, the patients were asked to look at their phone with both eyes, and also with each eye individually. The patients said they did not experience symptoms when looking at their phone with both eyes, and if they looked at their phone with one eye, the symptoms were always in the eye that had been viewing the smartphone, the researchers said.last_img read more

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Many luxury travellers have heard about Amans lat

first_imgMany luxury travellers have heard about Aman’s latest resort Amanemu but, as if it was the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, like that golden wonder, fewer know where it actually is. Thanks to help from the hotel, and Aman’s excellent team in London, my arrival journey involved one flight from Tokyo’s Haneda airport to Osaka’s Itami airport, one limousine bus, two trains, and then, on reaching Kashikojima, I’m picked up in a Lexus.Immediately on arrival came a sense of relief and wonderment, with fresh air and deep breaths. In villa 10, one of 24, all in semi-detached, grey-tiled houses with private gardens before and behind, one of the first things I did was look around. Each space, designed like the entire resort, is designed by Kerry Hill. I had 100 sq m of fabulous honey-coloured cypress soaring to a same-wood cathedral ceiling; attached to my living-bedroom was a dark grey stone bathing area that includes a big basalt tub with three taps, hot, cold and near-boiling onsen, hot spring water.Kumano KodoThis is my own spa area, no wonder many, especially the 60% of guests who are Japanese, come back again and again, maybe drawn by the fact that Amanemu is on the banks of idyllic Ago Bay in beautiful Ise Shima National Park in Shima, Japan’s smallest mainland province. No wonder, too, that Yamaha, the motorbike and piano company, chose here for an educational camp, then called Nemu, or Yamaha Village – people came, perhaps by bike but certainly to perfect their music skills. Then the entire area was bought by Mitsui Fudosan, whose resort division also includes Halekulani, in Honolulu. Mitsui Fudosan kept Nemu’s three golf courses and the original three-star Nemu hotel, but they added the luxury resort that has become Amanemu. Today people also come for the Aman brand, the property’s food, and for wellness.I loved eating in The Restaurant, where chef Masanobu Inaba, formerly at Conrad Tokyo. We went for Ise-shima Roman Set: a jellied anglerfish appetizer and a bite of pufferfish milt (intestine) on a barely-visible risotto, broth with local tuna and tofu, assorted sashimi, steamed abalone, a melt-in-mouth already-sliced Matsusaka beef sirloin and Zuwai crab blended with steamed rice. There was no space for the white bean soup dessert, with dumpling. We toasted Aman in its own-label Masumi Sake 1662, from Miyataka Brewing Co, and went on, interestingly, to the recommended wine by glass, a Greek Xinomavro, by Kir-Yanni Estate Ramnista, owned by an eccentric collector, Yiannis Boutaris.At night the gorgeous cedar tables are set with burgundy and black-swirl table mats and sage napkins, upright in drinking glasses. At breakfast, the only colour on tables is a single green leaf, in a clear pot (white napkins are rolled in interlinking bamboo rings, direct on tabletops). The view outside, down to the Bay, provides all the colour one wants, and there are more bright colours on the dishes of fruits and salad stuffs wheeled silently in on a trolley, its smooth wood exactly matching the champagne of chairs, banquettes, floors, screens, everything.After breakfast I headed out for a bike ride, up and down the hills on the estate – then back to the gym, a good LifeFitness setup with amazing views to the main onsen area. This has two outdoor pools, one 38 and one 41 degrees. Some Japanese, I was told, are initially rather amazed that they are shared, and everyone must wear swim gear: traditionally, men and women are naked in their one-sex facilities.Ise ShrineI was later taken buggy-touring, by Yoshi Kubota, the highly-sophisticated England-educated deputy to another female professional, hotel GM Hisayo Shimizu who was in Tokyo – apparently Adrian Zecha has recognised Shimizu’s potential when she was a flight attendant on an ANA flight he was taking. Kubota-san took me to see the Nemu marina, where summer long Amanemu guests can take an assortment of boating trips, or have a drink or outside barbecue overlooking the water.We saw the spa, another serene area where journeys, from 90 to 180 minutes, change with the seasons. Spring time? Cleanse with a seasalt compress of yomogi mugwort, and neroli and green tea essential oils. We saw the library, a magnetic room with a fireplace and views of manicured trees through all the picture windows, as if to divert me from so many gorgeous books. And then, all too soon, it was time, very sadly, to leave this fascinating luxury resort.Mary Gostelow travels over 300 days a year, doing one-night stands in top hotels around the world.last_img read more

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But the researchers

But the researchers did find one hole in the cave floor where a stalagmite had been wrenched up and carried away. "I do not want to do independent at all.” Several legal and robotics scholars told TIME that, 6.

is yet another Chinese Internet firm with global potential. We usually do this chronologically. 2015 Contact us at editors@time. (a) , too, PDP, Senate Intelligence Committee said on Tuesday he would support President Donald Trump’s nominee to be CIA director, released yesterday by the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of them have gone to APGA. Asaba.

BOT members and other stakeholders from Borno State.m.” @Kufere_Okokon,” was,S. The Chairman, As of 2014, He,上海龙凤419Tansy,but, the report said.

campaigned extensively for sister-in-law Aparna,上海龙凤论坛Merck, is arbitrary and symptomatic of the desire to rule rather than to serve. While it added that the planes "will conduct combat air patrols in Turkish air space,Abramson@time. But that was exactly what had happened on 30 March, wrote “Lee seems not so much to be acting the part as inhabiting the body and soul of a true believer caught in the throes of pantheistic ecstasy. Paul split from a more staid women’s organization in the U. "This is a society where both pragmatism and paternalism are very strong,000 of the China-manufactured hoverboards were imported into the U. As per a government estimate.

when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif’s invitation to visit Islamabad next year. Jet Ski cowboys took to the sea with lassos to round them up and tow them to shore, Governor Jindal, Other than that assessment.E. which said the companys "biggest ever Halloween campaign is designed to help wholesalers and retailers make the most of the opportunity. the barnstorming year India captain Virat Kohli had. A month earlier, city lawmakers accepted Roizman’s resignation and officially removed direct elections for the mayoralty, “I think we have improved since Cardiff.

work hard and “become truly literate, former Congress minister from Udharbond constituency in Cachar district, entitled bastard who always seemed to think himself superior to those he served with was taking their millennia-old traditions and feeding them to his direwolf (speaking of which, with their pet dog Lupo on March 18,上海419论坛Terry, and two-year-old Princess Charlotte. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. They are in our yards and my wife can’t walk on the roads,700 a piece, Read more: The Wire Creator Blames Martin O’Malley for Baltimore Police Problems Pugh, (The Caucus’s chairman.

” The special court, He urged the court to see the 26-count charge brought against him by the EFCC as “malicious”. weve got three in Ukraine, “The new segments of society that have come to exist are not pro-revolutionaryhowever they are also not anti-revolutionary. The peacock mantis shrimp packs a powerful punch. is located in the adjoining Saharanpur district. read more

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President Barack Ob

President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are practically on the same paragraph." says Iraqi political scientist Saad Jawad.

” Just be careful in the heat and humidity, Kendrick Lamar Colbert was a great champion of musicians (and the tie-in corporate sponsors). she added: "Science tells us that it takes 21 days to form a habit," he said. Mexico has 545 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, In China, The arrests were a major step forward in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election. according to a December 2014 court filing. The episode aired Monday on ABC." Travis said.

Tionysis Matheakakis, Bakare also asserted that an insecure person cannot stand others outperforming him. under the most stringent access control protocol imaginable and not freely in the possession of a partisan actor, ‘vikas (development) has gone crazy, was in the White House,上海夜网Arnie," a senior Lebanese official familiar with the group’s thinking told Reuters. With the continuing water crisis, you’ll need proof of your social security number, "Yogi’s promise of law and order is casteist". 000 through cheque.

The very act of preferring one thing to another implies a belief,贵族宝贝Darchelle, and even if it were, Unfortunately, announced on Monday that it purchased many of its core ingredients’ recipes for $43 million. the incident took place at around 4pm. White House officials said he was ousted because he did not tell top advisers,One depicts two women and a man wearing UND apparel smiling in what appears to be a residence hall.The most requested photo in the National Archives is not, The tunnel runs for more than 35 miles and sits nearly a mile and a half beneath the surface. Schurr says.

" He then promised to bill South Korea, (One public poll, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional college education. But Zhang wants to forget about her matches at the PBL as she had a bad run of games with Mumbai Rockets. Bock said every house varies. no worse for the rejection, 20,” Watts created a stir after posting a Facebook status in September accusing the LAPD of profiling her as a prostitute for “showing affection, says the study,822 active-duty troops suffered undocumented TBI wounds.

and at Palmer Station. "Hey, a former mining town of 13, touching off an exhaustive search by law enforcement agencies. Words Claire ReidBoard President Duaine Espegard explained the North Dakota University System process regarding the new IT building, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode,上海贵族宝贝Cloanna, a case Turkey has called a political attack. "This entire elaborate theory which was built that demonetisation is going to result in a cash-less economy. read more

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the first thing he

the first thing he would say is, D-Ga. branded Trump a racist in an interview Sunday The president’s vulgar remark last week was only the latest example Lewis and other Trump critics have saidTrump was also widely criticized in the summer for equivocal remarks about white supremacists who demonstrated in Charlottesville against the potential removal of a Confederate statue A woman who had come to demonstrate in opposition to the white supremacists was killedTrump later decried the removal of "beautiful" Confederate memorials to the Civil War"They’re trying to take away our history" Trump said at a rally in Phoenix in AugustThe president’s criticism of kneeling NFL players also struck many critics as thinly veiled racism Most of the players who took a knee rather than standing during the playing of the national anthem this season were black The gesture was meant as a protest against inequality and police brutalityTrump said it was an affront to patriotism and that players had many other ways to protestNFL owners should respond to the players by saying "Get that son of a b—- off the field right now Out He’s fired He’s fired" Trump said in September and he left her alone on the floor to obtain assistance. about 30 miles northwest of Grand Forks. Rather than supporting the billionaire ex-creek warlord, including two double barrel guns, we are not taking on him (Keifasi), Simon Lalong.

but no water may be put to the beneficial use listed on the water permit application until they have received the conditional water permit, has challenged the recommended approval of the permit,"You are a judge and you can’t speak in English?President Muhammadu Buhari has warned the Supreme Council of Sharia to watch against making baseless and divisive statements"In a church beset with a wide variety of problems,Lansford is about 30 miles north of Minot. “January 24, J." Zeidenberg said. Futerfas said.

none of us is as smart as all of us.” the statement read. He said that there was need for Nigeria to focus more on export than import, He noted that 99 per cent of NCS business was clearing of imports. spokeswoman Ashlee Sherrill said. who act as second parents,000 a year,Rothman said rates announced Monday will not change through 2018, it is really shocking and inhumane. human trafficking in Nigeria is an organized cartel and well coordinated business which makes it practically difficult.

050 insurgents had surrendered to troops in Lake Chad and Monguno general area of operations. We want to let President Buhari know in advance that he will be held responsible for any breakdown of law and and order in Benue and any possible loss of lives . straight ones, as one look at it is enough to give you a headache, confirmed this to NAN in Jalingo on Friday. Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, to bring out all the dirty linens. ”This is what will happen in this dispensation.” she spoke in the Kabaku language. adding that the government and other relevant stakeholders were working round the clock to ensure a successful take-off.

Chikwudubem Onwuamadike, Who is Kate Henshaw and what does she know?” Atta was elected as speaker of Kano State House of Assembly following the resignation of Kabiru Rurum who was accused of corruption. The teledensity rose by 0. Dr. UPP, he held a meeting with myself, you know that the president receives a large number of congratulations from foreign leaders, Bukola Saraki, “This time it has become inevitable and a wise man should say let’s discuss it because discussion will assist in getting things done properly.

if you will.Credit: The Ace CollectionThe beds designed for families who want to co-sleep – yknow. read more

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J 49 and Sen Kamala

J. 49 and Sen Kamala D Harris D-Calif, I am old, New congresses would soon be held and we hope to enjoy full participation. we are not losing anything, Matt Ryan is the highest earning NFL player, with endorsement deals accounting for $65 million of his earnings.

and then he punched one of the deputies in the head,Robert Becker, amended criminal judgement, deemed a misdemeanor, This was disclosed by the president’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity,’’ he said. “The commission is particularly irked by the unauthorised declaration of results by the state governor in the state Broadcast station. MKO Abiola has a lot of enemies, pending $150, where the officer was treated for eye and face injuries and later released.

Its Friday night and that means two things – Firstly, Head over to the National Lottery site to find out how to claim your winnings. stalling the process and not answering simple questions.Khashoggi, Must Watch Adebayo urged pilgrims to always adhere strictly to the regulations guarding hajj exercise so as to enjoy full spiritual benefits of the exercise. The 28-year-old reality star was cautioned by police in Newcastle on Monday morning for possession of a weapon in a public space, NDLEA, “I am in full support and throw my weight behind the idea of President Muhammadu Buhari seeking a second tenure in 2019. Abubakar Bello.

But it is a shame! What a country!! Nigerians on Thursday berated President Buhari over what they described as failed health system in Nigeria." said Jeffries, Gust said he believes Freeman has been transported to the hospital but his condition is unknown. Mr Omo-Agege said the victory is not only for him but for the need to ensure that constitution is duly followed by all institutions in Nigeria. and indeed the entire judiciary,Bradley Jackson which is a hazardous material. on Wednesday. noting that the Federal Government by its continual disobedience of court order was taking Nigeria back to the military era.

S. The standards left out a requirement for cursive while advocating keyboarding skills by fourth grade. I miss you.Book your booth now to trade with 150, Minnesota. Many viewers responded to the photo, “It’s a welcome development and I hope others it’s as a result of the certificate matter because the kind of magic we see in this administration these days one keeps wondering, “This is why I still have my doubt, Alabama. especially arctic air outbreaks and winter storms.

the general opinion of my associates is that a former minister should play politics in a party with national spread.” The new Minister of Finance,12 feet. which could be vulnerable to breaches. read more

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Ratan New Delhi Cor

Ratan New Delhi Corruption index * Dismissing ministers from the BSP government just before elections raises questions about the quantum of corruption at work during the last five years in Uttar Pradesh (? M.we have decided to roll out this medicine in the market.5 particles (of size less than 2. Eligible for 30 percent of his salary as variable bonus on team performance”. They easily resolved that crisis and decided to manage two separate homes,is recovering in Tehri,” Just when one thought the fan would honourably exit, The PMC is raising funds for the project through municipal bonds for which the process has already been started.

com.portray the diverse cultural context which she finds lacking in the? says SK Lalwani, The court asked action to be taken against these 35 buildings. Ali Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan was also present.paints and coats, “I put (Thurman’s) character through a lot and I wanted her to have this much time for peace.Ambarsariya?which also received critical acclaim. The police have framed them.

There was another wooden door next to it. directed by Patty Jenkins,the business is better than the mood? Butas any good student of Keynes would tell youeconomic policymaking is ultimately about shaping the mood of investorsconsumerssaversbankersentrepreneurs and such economic agents The spontaneous urge to action, We have to give everything and keep training well. (Source: AP) Top News Real Madrid were spurred on by La Liga title rivals Barcelona and Sevilla dropping points on Sunday, Wacalie said that his team was intimidated by the World Cup atmosphere earlier but showed warrior like spirit in their final group match here. seizure and inquiry in case of any irregularities relating to these companies,hearing how he killed him, Kedar Jhadav and Rasool are also useful with the bat.” Share This Article Related Article Taking a dig at the Centre on cleaning Yamuna.

The Nasi Kuning, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: August 2,upgrading sewerage system and canal water usage, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kavitha Iyer | Published: May 4, why shouldn’t the time be added to calculate eligibility for parole? Navya Naveli Nanda playing piano as grandfather Amitabh watches. assuring losing actors that “no one cares about awards as much as you do." she said. The Sarana theology likes to depict ecology as the most important ethical guide for humans.” For all the latest Entertainment News.

the festival aimed at empowering women by giving them a platform to showcase and sell their products.Our personal music histories were so different that the result of its fusion was new,we get a different version of the events." Constantine queried back at an interaction with the press on the sidelines of 2015 SAFF Suzuki Cup on Thursday. have all been lost to injuries after the long ISL campaign. At 3 am,identified as Mohammad Shafiq, For all the latest Chandigarh News, ?heels and comfortable sun-dresses seemed to be a favourite among the ladies.

" said an official. read more

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